Skills for Success

Skills for Success at a Distance

Being a successful distance student requires time, effort, and diligence. You can help ensure your own success by taking control of your academic responsibilities and how you approach them.

Start slowly

Don’t take on the world. Select one or two study habits you would like to develop or improve on. This might involve setting up a semester calendar listing the due dates for your papers and exams and developing a daily to-do list. As you become more comfortable with these new skills, you are ready to add additional learning strategies that you may find helpful.

Prepare to take a new approach

The online course experience is unique. Unlike the traditional lecture format, the online learning environment requires time at the computer to read and respond to postings. You may need to adapt your style of learning to the online learning format. Be proactive and learn how to make your online course a positive learning experience.

Do you need extra help with a difficult subject? Students enrolled in courses through Global Campus also have access to several online tutoring resources, including the eTutoring online tutoring service.

Take advantage of available services

When you are overwhelmed it is important to ask for help. Remember that it is unrealistic to think that you can do everything. WSU’s Wellbeing Online and the Global Campus Video Vault websites offer many resources for reducing stress and finding balance.

Take the advice of grads and current students

Through an informal study, graduates and students shared the following suggestions for success.

  • Identify your goal and keep it in mind.
  • Be realistic about what you can handle at one time.
  • Organize and plan ahead. Schedule study time and course deadlines, then study daily and review regularly.
  • Read and follow all directions for completing your courses.
  • Don’t try to do it all yourself! Ask for help as you need it. WSU Global Campus staff and course instructors are here to help you—and don’t forget your family and friends!
  • Work hard but reward yourself!