Who Can Register

Maintaining or Reactivating Admission Status

Current Student Status

After being admitted to and enrolled at WSU, you will continue to be a current student if you are enrolled in at least one NEW course during fall or spring semester—summer enrollment is not considered in the maintenance or reactivation of admission status. If you do not enroll in at least one new course during fall or spring semester in an academic year, you will have a “break” in your enrollment. This rule applies even if you still are working on courses in which you are enrolled.

Reactivating Current Student Status

To register for courses in an upcoming semester following a break in enrollment (meaning you have not enrolled in at least one new course during fall or spring semester in an academic year), you will need to reactivate your admission status as a former student. Former students pay a $25 application fee.

  • Apply online as a former WSU student. Review the Important Deadlines for specific deadline dates. Note: If you were academically deficient during your last semester at WSU, in addition to reapplying for admission, you also must apply for reinstatement to WSU. Visit Important Deadlines for specific deadline dates.
  • If you have taken courses at other institutions since you last applied for admission to WSU, have official transcripts sent to the WSU Office of Admissions.

Intercampus Enrollment Request

Students who wish to take all of their courses at a different campus for the upcoming fall or spring semester should complete the Intercampus Enrollment Request Form. During the summer, no request form is needed as students can take courses on any WSU campus. Learn more about the Intercampus Enrollment Request.