Networking 101

Networking is frequently cited as the number one way to find a job. But the concept of “networking” is vague. Many of us network every day, without even realizing it!

Networking is actually quite simple. All it really entails is talking to the people you know, asking questions, and following up with the contacts they point you towards.

Networking, in Three Easy Steps

  • Talk to professors, friends, family, and people in your community. Ask them if they know of anyone who hires people with your skills (be ready to identify those skills).
  • Follow up with what they tell you by calling the individual or company they mention. If they can give you a contact person, telephone that individual, explain who you are, how you found out about them, give them a short statement about what you have to offer, and ask if it would be possible for you to meet and discuss possible employment with the company. Don’t forget to do your homework and learn something about the company on your own before you make that networking call.
  • If that individual or company does not have employment now, ask if they know of anyone (another company) that might be looking for someone with your skills, and follow up on their leads, too.

More Networking Tips