Registered for Courses

I have registered for courses. Now what?

If you haven’t done so already, you should:

  1. Spend some time becoming familiar with myWSU. Check your contact information, and make any necessary updates. Know what information is provided for you from your myWSU home page.
  2. Find out what course materials are required for your courses; in the Schedules of Classes, select the More Information link associated with the course to learn what materials are required. Many course information pages also provide links to syllabi near the bottom of the page. Please note: If information is not yet listed on the course information page, be sure to check back.
  3. Order required course textbooks from The Bookie. To get the correct materials, specify the section number of your course.
  4. Proctored exams: Learn about proctored exams and the resources available to you if your course has proctored exams. If your course has proctored exams, it will be noted on the More Information page (select the link with the course in the Schedules of Classes).
  5. Review the Academic Calendar to become familiar with critical deadlines. Select Global Campus and the applicable term to view the calendar. Note: If you are enrolled in a 7-week business course, or a course that doesn’t follow the 16-week semester schedule, be aware that drop and withdrawal dates are based on the length and start date of the course. Go to the Registrar’s Office Drop & Withdrawal Deadlines for quick access to deadlines.
  6. Peruse the WSU Global Campus blog, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  7. ASWSU Global Student Government: Visit the website to learn about upcoming student events, reimbursement programs, and ways you can get involved in your student government.
  8. On the first day of the semester, log in to your virtual course space. Please be aware that if you haven’t logged in to your course by the seventh day of the term, the department has the option to drop you for non-attendance, per Academic Regulation 72.
  9. Read Study Tips and Skills for Success.