Course Materials

Textbooks and Other Required Materials

Required course materials will vary depending on the specific course, and may include:

  • textbooks
  • media that you obtain on your own
  • media (DVDs, Media Online) provided by Global Campus

Course Information Pages

Each Global Campus course has a course More Information page, which lists details about required course materials. Here are two ways to access the info:

  1. In the Schedules of Classes, select the More Information link associated with the course.
    screenshot of course listing, with More Information hyperlink circled in red
  2. In myWSU, the course information page web address is listed in the course’s Enrollment Information tab. Paste the web address in a browser window to view the information.
    screenshot: Class Notes (URL circled)

Types of Required Course Materials


Students are responsible for the acquisition of required textbooks. As soon as you have registered for courses, order your textbooks. Please note that some instructors do not publish this information until a few weeks before the start of the semester. Learn more about Textbooks.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items may be required for certain courses, and will be listed in the Special Notes section within the course information page, or in the course space as required by the instructor. Students are responsible for obtaining these items.

Media You Get on Your Own

Some courses may require that you obtain certain media titles on your own. You may choose to rent or purchase these titles from a library, or other media rental/purchase outlet when your course syllabus indicates you will need them. This media will be listed on the course information page in the Course Materials section.

You are not charged by WSU for “You Get” media as you are responsible for obtaining this media on your own. You will be able to view your course syllabus in the course space on the first day of classes to find out when you will need this media for your course.

Media WSU Provides for You

Courses may contain media or Open Educational Resources (OER), which have fees that are charged to your student account and due with tuition. OER fees are applied for courses that are part of the Affordable Degree Programs where textbooks have been replaced with digital learning resources.

WSU provided media is charged to your student account. The media fee associated with each course is a mandatory instruction fee, and due with tuition on the first day of the semester.