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Washington State University Global Campus

WSU Global Campus students are encouraged to participate in an internship as part of their academic and career preparation training.

Students who have completed an internship are more likely to:

  • Find a job in desired field
  • Make more money
  • Have more job offers at graduation
  • Have greater job satisfaction
  • Have extended exposure to potential employers
  • Make rapid advancements in the organization
  • Get a solid lead with at least one employer
  • Gain job references

The WSU Global Campus career counselor provides internship support for Global Campus students through resources that assist in preparation and networking, such as:

  • Information about internships
  • Exploration of interests, skills, and values to determine the type of internship to pursue
  • Guidance on search strategies and developing your own internship
  • Feedback on cover letters, resumes, and interviewing

Schedule an appointment by completing the Request Counseling form.

For more information, visit the WSU Student Guide to Internships.