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Cancellation of Enrollment Tuition Refund Policy

Fall and Spring Tuition Refunds

Students who cancel their enrollment (cancel all courses and become disenrolled from WSU) after the semester has started will be charged an administrative fee of 5 percent of the assessed tuition and mandatory fees, but no more than $100, in addition to other amounts owing. Students cancel their enrollment at

Tuition and fees will be refunded in full (if paid with a credit card the 2.5 percent service fee is not refundable) if students officially withdraw from the University before the sixth day of classes during a semester.

Students who cancel their enrollment after the semester has started will have those charges reduced based upon the week of cancellation, as follows:

Fall and Spring Tuition Refund Schedule

Week Cancelled12345678910+
Percent of Tuition Refunded10080807060605050400

Weeks during which the University is on vacation for the entire week do not count in this adjustment schedule (e.g., Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break). Adjustments or refunds for students who receive financial aid will be computed on a modified schedule provided by the WSU Office of Student Financial Services.

Summer Tuition Refunds

  • Cancellation of enrollment removes a student from ALL summer courses.
  • Cancellation before the drop with refund deadline will result in 100 percent tuition refund. Note: If tuition was paid with a credit card, the 2.5 percent service fee is not refundable.
  • No tuition refund is granted after missing the drop with refund deadline for the course.
  • After the first day of summer session, students cancel their enrollment at
  • Review the deadlines for your course on the Summer Session website.

Appeal for Exception

Students who wish to appeal for exception to academic calendar deadlines (e.g. dropping a course after the 30th day of enrollment during fall semester) because of an extraordinary circumstance that can be documented must file a petition. Visit Petition for an exception to a deadline for instructions.

Note: A $10 non-refundable processing fee will be charged to the student’s account for filing the petition.

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