Get Your Required Course Materials

Continue on to The Bookie website.

Each WSU Global Campus course has an information page, which lists details about textbooks and other required materials. Here are two ways to access the info:

  1. In the Schedules of Classes, select the More Information link associated with the course.
    screenshot of course listing, with More Information hyperlink circled in red
  2. In the myWSU Student Center, highlight and copy the URL in the Notes section of the course. Paste the URL in a browser window or tab to view the information.
    screenshot: Class Notes (URL circled)

Additional Textbook Info

  • Some courses have required reading selections, e-reserves, or other resources that you access and purchase using a key code provided in the course space on the first day of classes. If applicable, information about these materials will also be listed on the course information page. Please note that some instructors do not publish this information until a few weeks before the start of the semester.
  • If you choose to purchase your textbooks from a book seller other than The Bookie, be sure to use the ISBN to identify the correct edition of the textbook to purchase.
  • Special custom edition textbooks or bundles may only be available through The Bookie.
  • When purchasing textbooks from The Bookie:
    • Be sure to choose WSU Global Campus as the campus, and be careful to select the correct term.
    • Note that some courses have required textbooks that are available for rent or in an eTextbook format (once you download an eTextbook, it is non-returnable).
    • Books listed on the The Bookie order site as “Bookstore Recommended” are considered optional and are not required by the instructor of the course or WSU Global Campus.
    • If you have questions or concerns about an order in process, or need to make special shipping arrangements, contact The Bookie at 509-332-2537 ext. 102 or wsubookie.gcampus@gmail.com.
  • If The Bookie has a rental option for the textbook you need:
    • We recommend that you check the return date before deciding to rent the textbook. It may vary from semester to semester.
    • Read the Textbook Rental information provided, including the Rental Agreement and FAQ.
    • No authorization is needed to return rented textbooks.
    • Read the material sent with the rented books, and retain the information to use at the end of the semester.
    • Keep all of the paperwork until the textbook has been successfully returned to The Bookie.

International Students

  • International students should order their textbooks online.
  • Orders shipped outside the United States will be sent by United Parcel Services (UPS).
  • If you have questions about an order in process, contact The Bookie at 509-332-2537 ext. 102 or wsubookie.gcampus@gmail.com.