Registration Holds

How to Check for Holds

  • Log in to myWSU, using your NID and password.
  • From your Student Homepage, select Tasks, then Holds.
  • Review Hold Details to learn what type of hold you have and who to contact.

Other Registration Holds

In addition to the advising hold, there are several other holds the University may place on your account which could prevent you from registering. Holds will not be removed and you won’t be able to register until you take action to address your holds.

Hold TypeProcess for having the hold removed
Academic Deficiency
This hold is placed if you have less than a 2.0 cumulative gpa or your semester GPA is below a 2.0 for two consecutive semesters.
Visit Academic Deficiency and Reinstatement Process
Writing Portfolio
This hold is placed if a student has completed 60 semester credits and has not registered for WP 99 and turned in three writing portfolio papers and taken the timed written exam.
Contact the Writing Portfolio coordinator at 800-222-4978.
Health and Wellness
In unusual cases a student has a Health and Wellness hold.
Contact an advisor or a student services staff member at 800-222-4978.
Student Accounts
This hold is placed if there are problems with your tuition or fee payments.
Contact Student Accounts or call 509-335-1121.