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Washington State University Global Campus

Tuition Late Payment Fees

WSU does not mail billings for tuition and fees. Review and pay your balance in myWSU.

Spring 2021

Tuition and fees are due on January 19, the first day of the semester.

If tuition and fees are not received at WSU by:

  • Tuesday, February 2—a late fee of 3 percent will be added.
  • Wednesday, February 17—a late fee of 5 percent will be added.
  • Thursday, March 4—a late fee of 7 percent will be added.

Summer 2021

Tuition is due on the first day of instruction. Unpaid balances will be assessed late fees on each subsequent Late Fee date that passes while a balance is still due. Look up the tuition deadline for your summer course on the Summer Dates and Deadlines page.

You are responsible to pay your account in a timely manner. Unpaid accounts will be outsourced to collection agencies and reported to national credit bureaus. You are responsible for all collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees. The additional collection fees may be from 33.3 to 50 percent of the balance. All possible means to collect will be pursued, which could include legal action, and may result in a judgment and/ or wage garnishment.