Mental Health and Wellbeing

At WSU Global Campus, we care about the wellbeing of our students.

Global Campus Cougs are spread across the world and come from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and lived experiences. Many face unique challenges in their lives that put stress on their mental health as they work towards their academic goals.

To help address these complex issues, WSU provides access to resources to help you along the road to resiliency and mental wellbeing. 


All WSU Global Campus students have access to these free resources.

Welltrack HelpNow

If you are in crisis or feel you need support right away, call 509-335-2360 to speak with a trained professional, 24/7.


Togetherall is an anonymous, peer-to-peer, online support space. Share your experiences without fear of being judged. Get the support from a vibrant and diverse population of your peers. Talk with others who are going through similar experiences. Moderated 24/7 by trained, licensed, mental health professionals. Join Togetherall here.

Welltrack Boost

Welltrack Boost is an online, self-directed, interactive therapy experience for managing anxiety and depression. It contains a variety of CBT-based tools that can help you work on your own behavioral health and wellness. Get started here: (Use a Web browser to create an account. Subsequent check-ins can be done through the website or the Welltrack Boost phone app.)

Welltrack Connect

Welltrack Connect is an online directory of mental health care providers who work with college students. Search for providers based on specialties, therapist identities, insurance/cost, location, and more. It is not an all-inclusive list; other provider options may be available in your area. (Use a web browser to create an account. Select Washington State University and sign in using your WSU email and password.)


Cost Reimbursement Program: ASWSUG offers reimbursement of your costs for mental health services and health and wellbeing apps up to $360 per academic year.

Cougs for Recovery: The purpose of WSU Cougs for Recovery is to provide a welcoming community and engaging supports for students in recovery, for students who are contemplating recovery, and for those who are allies. Cougs for Recovery fosters social connections and acceptance through peer support and a harm reduction approach. One-on-one coaching, group recovery meetings, and online yoga sessions are just a few services we provide.

eCheckup to Go: eCheckup to Go is a brief, online, confidential assessment that offers the opportunity to reflect on your substance use patterns. After entering your responses, you will receive personalized feedback with different ideas for reducing your risk for harm and resources for support. Both the Alcohol and Cannabis assessments are free and available to all students.

Live Programs on Mental Health and Wellbeing: On the WSU Global Campus Events page on its Presence website, select “Global Wellbeing” in the CATEGORY drop-down menu.

Mental Health Resources: This ASWSUG webpage provides additional, helpful mental health resources.

Recorded webinars: WSU Global Campus’s Global Connections hosts and records webinars on mental health and wellbeing subjects and stores them in the Video Vault. Under Video Categories, select Health & Wellness.

Student Care Network (WSU Dean of Students Office): The Student Care Network can help you with concerns regarding: Academic policies, Access to support systems, Crisis and emergency situations, housing and food insecurity, and more. Schedule an online appointment. For immediate assistance, call 509-335-5757.

Wellbeing Online: WSU’s Wellbeing Online is dedicated to helping you develop skills that foster a happy, balanced life by taking a holistic approach to healthy living.