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I have received my orientation email from my academic advisor. Now what?

Note: This information is for undergraduate degree-seeking students.

  1. Read the information in your orientation email. Be sure to review your personal planning worksheet which your advisor attached to the email. 
  2. Instructions are included your orientation email on how to access the Global Campus new student orientation, a tutorial you must successfully pass before you will be allowed to register for courses. After successfully completing the orientation, begin to plan which courses to take:
    1. Browse for courses in the Schedules of Classes. Be sure to select the More Information link associated with the course to learn what materials are required.
    2. Log in to myWSU. If shopping carts are open, select and add courses to your shopping cart that you’re interested in taking, and that fit the requirements outlined in your degree.
  3. Make note of any questions you have about your degree plan, and the courses you wish to take.
  4. Call 800-222-4978 to schedule your first advising session with your academic advisor. At this session, you’ll discuss which courses best meet your goals. Be sure to have your potential questions ready at that time. Your academic advisor can lift your advising hold after making sure the courses in your shopping cart are appropriate for your class standing, and will keep you moving towards your degree.
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