WorkSource WA Virtual Resume Workshop

Successful job seekers take the time to learn what employers are looking for in potential candidates. In this virtual workshop, you will learn how to convey to a prospective employer who you are, what you know, and what you have to offer. You will also learn which résumé and cover letter formats best display your skills, knowledge and abilities in order to attract employers and lead to more interviews.

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Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Career Fair

This Virtual Career Fair is free to attend for diverse job and internship seekers. Competitive opportunities for every level of candidate, including experienced professionals and recent college graduates, to meet online with employers across the nation.

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Reconsidering Work, Life, and Meaning During the Great Resignation

You may have been handed a myth at the start of your career: Success is inevitable if you find and follow your passion. But what if you don’t know what that passion even is? The New York Times reports that an estimated 25 million Americans left their jobs in the second half of 2021—the highest number since the Bureau of Labor Statistics has recorded. Known as The Great Resignation, this post-pandemic period of a mass exodus from the world of work is far more complex than it seems. Even if you have no plans to quit your job, chances are you’re wondering about the meaning of work in your life.

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How to Overcome Obstacles and Accelerate Your Career

Are you feeling stuck in a career rut? Do you know what you want from your career but don’t know how to get there? Whether you’re looking for a new job or targeting a promotion, it’s tough to determine how to move forward when you feel stuck. In this insightful webinar, award-winning author Octavia Goredema will share how to overcome setbacks and unlock your potential to accelerate your career. You will learn how to cement your career values, map your career goals, position yourself for promotion and overcome a crisis of career confidence.

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Summer Course Explores Developing Nations in Unique Way

Billions of people in the world live on less than $10 per day—and almost half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day. Some countries are in turmoil, while others are peaceful—some authoritarian, and some democratic. What explains the enormous differences between nations, both in terms of economic growth and political stability? Dr. Richard […]

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Disability Virtual Career Fair

Disability Virtual Career Fair – April 13, 2022 – WSU Global Campus students with a disability are invited to connect with employers in a free online end-to-end accessible technology platform. This free online event runs throughout the day (6:00 am to 3:00 pm PT) and features employers throughout the nation.

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Job Search Strategies

The WSU Global Campus career advisor, Chris Miller, will share effective job search strategies in this webinar. Join us, as we explore skills that employers want, discuss competitive advantages, highlight which employers are hiring now, and answer questions about your job search.

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WE Communications Virtual Career Fair

WE Communications partners with the world’s most innovative brands to tell stories of transformation, technology and purpose. Join the virtual career fair on Wednesday, April 6th at 11am PT to explore open opportunities on our public relations, creative and integrated communications teams. Meet with employees from across the agency to learn more about WE’s purpose-driven […]

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Ascending Industry as a Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color (BIPOC)

Join as the Academic Success and Career Center and Office of Social Justice, Outreach and Education present “Thriving Authentically: Ascending Industry as a Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color.” This virtual panel will feature BIPOC panelists who will offer students valuable industry insights regarding their chosen career paths, and how they cultivated their professional and […]

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