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Washington State University Global Campus

Intercampus Enrollment Request

Students who wish to take all of their courses at a different campus for the upcoming fall or spring semester should complete the Intercampus Enrollment Form. During the summer, no request form is needed as students can take courses on any WSU campus. Please carefully read the information below before completing the form.

By completing this form you are agreeing to the following:

  • Your campus of admission will not change. You will continue to work with your advisor and home campus for support and services. Students who wish to permanently change their campus of admission should complete the Change of Campus form.
  • Your tuition rate will not change. You will continue to be charged the same tuition rate as set on your home campus and NOT by the campus you request to attend. Your campus based fees (Rec Center, etc.) will be charged based on the campus you request to attend.
  • You will first be dropped from your home campus enrollments. If your request is approved, you will be dropped from ALL enrollments on your home campus before you will be enrolled in courses on the requested campus.

After submitting the form you can expect the following:

  • WSU Global Campus will begin processing Intercampus Enrollment requests on August 1, 2020. Other WSU Intercampus Enrollment requests will be processed within two weeks of receiving the request.
  • Your request must be approved by your academic advisor as well as the Registrar on the campus that you wish to attend.
  • You will be contacted at your WSU email address if the Registrar has questions about your request.
  • Your academic advisor will be contacted by email to review any course prerequisites and approve your request.
  • Registration holds: It is your responsibility to take action to clear any holds you may have before completing this form.
  • Once you are enrolled, a Study Agreement hold will be placed on your account to prevent unapproved enrollments. Any adjustments to your course schedule must be manually processed by the campus Registrar’s Office.

If you have questions, contact the Global Campus Registrar, 509-335-3979,

The request form for Spring 2021 will be available on November 9, 2020.