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Every Detail is Important

How important are the little details on your resume? They might be more important than you think. Everything from capitalization to that extra comma gets noticed—and creates an impression. According to the results of a survey by Accountemps, slightly more than one-third of executives surveyed cited typos or grammatical errors as the most common mistake on resumes.

The national poll included responses from 150 senior executives—including those from human resources, finance, and marketing departments—with the nation’s 1,000 largest companies. Executives were asked, “In your opinion, which of the following is the single most common mistake job seekers make on their resumes?” Their responses:

  • Typos or grammatical errors—34 percent
  • Including too much information—22 percent
  • Not listing achievements in former roles—17 percent
  • Poor layout and/or design—17 percent
  • Including too little information—7 percent
  • Other/don’t know—3 percent

Want to avoid these mistakes? Schedule an appointment with our professional career advisor.

A consultation may cover:

  • The appropriate resume format and structure (e.g. chronological, functional, combined formats)
  • Using action words and phrases to describe your accomplishments
  • Assistance identifying your skills and achievements

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