Prepare for Grad School

Is graduate school right for you?

Graduate or professional school may be a logical next step, depending on your future career goals. Some professions require graduate degrees as a prerequisite to employment; or perhaps you have a long-term interest in a particular field. Many students contemplate attending graduate school because they are unsure about their future career.

If you are considering graduate or professional school, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my career goals? Would they change if I became employed immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s degree?
  • Will graduate school be required for me to do what I want to do?
  • In my field, is it easier to attend graduate or professional school right after graduation?
  • Is gaining additional experience in my field helpful in gaining admission to graduate school?
  • What is the cost of graduate or professional school – direct (tuition) and indirect (loss of possible earnings)?
  • Will I need to relocate or will I be able to complete a graduate or professional degree nearby or online?
  • Will my job and salary prospects be enhanced by graduate studies?
  • Are there employers who would assist in paying for graduate or professional school?