Summer Course Explores Developing Nations in Unique Way

Billions of people in the world live on less than $10 per day—and almost half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day. Some countries are in turmoil, while others are peaceful—some authoritarian, and some democratic. What explains the enormous differences between nations, both in terms of economic growth and political stability? Dr. Richard […]

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WSU committed to helping student veterans succeed

Two historic events this fall – the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the end of the war in Afghanistan – offer an opportunity to reflect on what more can be done to support America’s military veterans and their families. There are around 1,500 students on the post 9/11 G.I. Bill attending classes across the WSU system. Pullman alone has more than 1,100 students enrolled who are veterans or military affiliated.

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Summer Ceramics Course Enables Hands-On Online Learning

For Summer Session 2021, Washington State University is offering a brand-new online ceramics course that allows students to learn how to create sculptural pieces from the comfort of their homes. The course, offered through WSU Global Campus, is an example of the WSU Department of Fine Art’s recent emphasis on providing hands-on, artistic learning experiences in an online setting.

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Learn About Music Over the Summer!

Want to explore the fascinating world of music this summer? The School of Music offers a diverse set of UCORE courses throughout the summer that enable students to concentrate on their major requirements during the fall and spring terms.

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Exciting Poli Sci Summer Course Opportunity!

Here’s a great Summer Session course opportunity! POL_S 435 – Politics of Developing Nations will explore the meaning of political and economic development around the world, especially in the context of globalization, focusing on the historical background of developing countries and some of the major issues, including the effects of colonialism, civil war, authoritarianism, global institutions, and the role of democratization in the developing world.

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