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Washington State University Global Campus

WSU Global Campus students have many opportunities outside of their online courses to engage and connect with their Cougar community including fellow students, professors, alumni, and others. Find a variety of engagement opportunities including campus organizations, virtual events and games, and earn points towards swag prizes on Presence, the WSU Global Campus’ student engagement hub.

Global Connections

Through WSU Global Connections, you can connect with peers and expert presenters via webinars, livestreamed events, academic contests, a book club and other engaging co- and extra-curricular activities.

Student Government

As a Global Campus student, you will have the opportunity to get involved with ASWSU Global, WSU’s online student government. You can participate in engaging in-person events with the WSU Global community or even run to be a student representative. ASWSU Global also offers reimbursements and scholarships for qualifying students.

In-Person Events

Global Campus and ASWSU Global offers various meet-ups, sports and recreational activities, networking opportunities and family-friendly events at different locations throughout the year. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and connect with other members of the WSU community!

Center for Civic Engagement

You can gain hands-on experience while helping improve your community through the WSU’s Center for Civic Engagement (CCE).  The CCE is affiliated with community organizations throughout the US and in several countries, making a wide variety of community service opportunities available to Global Campus students, wherever they happen to live.

Wellbeing Online

You will have the opportunity to engage with Wellbeing Online, a service dedicated to helping you develop skills that foster a happy, balanced life by taking a holistic approach to healthy living. You can also take advantage of gym reimbursement—up to $125 per semester through the Cyber Coug Fitness Club.

Research Opportunities

Depending on your field of study, you may be able to participate in a wide variety of hands-on research opportunities, both in the graduate and undergraduate level. Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to showcase their work and be recognized at WSU’s Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA).

Graduation Celebrations

Once you reach the end of your college journey, you can join other Global Campus students at graduation celebrations in Pullman and Seattle. You can even walk in the commencement ceremony in Pullman or on other WSU campuses if you choose!