A Look at Our Future

“Decades down the road, the changes we see could be just as dramatic as the changes we’ve seen from our founding in 1992 to today.

We’ve always searched for and embraced the cutting edge of new technologies and learning innovations, which has led to the changes and improvements we’ve witnessed up to this point.

As we look to the future, we intend to keep pushing the envelope, always looking to the new horizons of innovation in higher education.”

Dave Cillay, Global Campus Chancellor

Photo: Dave Cillay
The future of WSU Global Campus- A full graphic description associated with this graphic can be found on this page.

The future of WSU Global Campus

Increased academic opportunities

  • Developing new undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificates so all online students can achieve their academic goals.

More ways to engage virtually

  • Building a robust online campus experience that offers a wide variety of virtual events and engagement activities that embody the community spirit of WSU.

New innovations and technologies

  • Remaining on the cutting edge of academic innovation by capitalizing on emerging trends in virtual learning technology.