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Washington State University Global Campus

Meet Some Future Online Cougs!

Here are a few Fall 2021 #FutureCougs on their way to becoming WSU students and their reasons for choosing WSU Global Campus!

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“I chose WSU Global Campus because I want to build upon my skills and be home for my family. An online education allows me to succeed at both!”

—Crystal Wright



“I chose WSU Global Campus because I wanted to further my education online so I could continue to maintain a good work-life-home balance. I didn’t think I’d find the right school that had the right major for me. I don’t know why I was stressed – WSU checked both boxes!”

Jill Knaack



“I chose to be an #onlinecoug because I work full time and want to better myself and strive for greatness.”

Lukas McNett



“I chose WSU Global Campus to pursue a higher education while being able to travel and work part time.”

—Elora Link




“I chose WSU Global Campus for flexibility with my work schedule. I am so relieved that I get to attend an excellent school and go to work.”

Jennifer Meza


“WSU Global Campus allows me the flexibility of an online learning environment while I’m working and raising a family. I plan to study Strategic Communication which aligns with my current career path.”

Michelle VanCleave



“Using Global Campus appealed to me because my husband is in the military and I knew I would be able to work around any schedule I needed to.”

Brittany Giebelhaus



“I chose Global Campus because the degrees were available online!”

Ben Menard





“I chose Global Campus because I wanted to study online, and WSU had the program I wanted!”

Leandro Pettino





“I chose WSU because they have a great psychology program. WSU also has a strong reputation for education, athletics, and research.

Christine Childs