Who Are Global Campus Students?

A Diverse Community of Lifelong Learners

WSU Global Campus is a vibrant community of adult learners spread across the world. These students come from varied backgrounds and ages, with many having jobs, families, and busy lives.  Below are the unique stories of some online Cougs that represent this diversity. 

Kasey Broadbent, Former ASWSU Global Vice President 

Photo: Kasey Broadbent.
Kasey Broadbent

Kasey grew up in a rural community in Eastern Oregon. Raised by a single mother, her family struggled with extreme poverty for her entire childhood. 

“I want to earn my degree to show my kids it is possible to break the cycle. Growing up in poverty does not mean one has to remain in poverty. One does not need to be defined by their past.”

Kasey lives in Goldendale, Wash., with her fiancée, a son who is a senior in high school, three dogs, and two cats. After years of hard work, she is set to graduate in Fall 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences and is in the first generation of her family to do so.

“My primary reason for beginning my higher education journey was to set a good example for my children. This has worked so far, as I have a daughter who will be earning her associate degree in June.”

Kasey works in the social services field and has a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. This passion is another motivation for pursuing her educational goals.

“My story has helped influence several other women in my community to finish their GED and/or enroll in a degree program. I hope that my continued journey will inspire others to build successful lives and not accept defeat. Challenges and barriers offer us a chance to grow and improve if we chose to put in the work to solve them.”

Troy Moya, WSU Global Campus Graduate

Troy, an enlisted Air Force imagery intelligence analyst, recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Global Campus.  Originally from the Philippines, Troy is currently on active duty and stationed in California.

Photo: Troy Moya.
Troy Moya

“After I emigrated from the Philippines, I needed a lot of help in coping with the language and the new environment. Throughout my academic career from middle school up until today, there have been a lot of individuals who made sure that I am successful. I wanted to give back to the community and country that has given me so much, and that is why I decided to serve in the military,” he said.

After joining the military, Troy decided to continue his academic career and pursue a degree in psychology. He began searching for the right university for him. 

“I chose WSU Global Campus because it is a respected institution. The staff within the Global Campus were also extremely accommodating and understanding of the circumstances I have as a military member.”

Troy hopes to use his degree to help him advance in his current military career.

“As an active duty service member, earning my degree was essential in increasing my analytical capabilities,” he said. “It has allowed me to express my thoughts in a coherent and informed way that is rooted in facts. Further, earning a degree is a requirement to apply to be an officer and will allow me to increase the impact that I have in the Air Force.”

Shaniqua Manning, WSU Global Campus Graduate

Photo: Shaniqua Manning.
Shaniqua Manning

In May 2019, Shaniqua graduated from Washington State University with a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication, earned entirely online through Global Campus

“My experience earning my master’s degree online with WSU was instrumental to getting me where I am today,” said Manning. “After years of hard work, I’m so happy to get that diploma. It’s been a real journey, and I’ve learned a lot.”

Shaniqua, originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., earned her bachelor’s in broadcast journalism from Howard University in Washington DC. She started her career interning at CNN and landed her first job as a reporter at DC’s NewsChannel 8, later working as a reporter and news anchor in North Carolina before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2005.

For nearly 10 years, Shaniqua worked as an evening news anchor at Northwest Cable News and Seattle’s KING 5 station.

Shaniqua made the decision to switch gears from broadcast journalism and pursue a second career in communication and public relations. Though she had acquired communication skills as a journalist, she felt she needed to retool her skillset as she began the transition to a new career field.

“Even though switching careers and going back to school is a scary thing, it really gave me the motivation I needed to get out of my comfort zone and grow. It definitely worked out for me in the end,” said Shaniqua. “With my busy lifestyle, career and being a parent, I knew that going to school online was the only realistic option for me.”

A lot of what Shaniqua learned in the strategic communication program has been useful in her current job working in communication and public relations at Boeing. The skills she picked up in multimedia production and crisis communication have been particularly valuable, she said.

“I learned so much that I still use today in my current job,” said Shaniqua. “It made me a stronger professional and helped me smoothly transition into my new career path. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go into communication, public relations or marketing.”

Chantel Hill, 2019-20 Social Sciences Outstanding Senior

Chantel started at the WSU Pullman campus during the summer of 2017, later switching to Global Campus in order to better fit her education to her lifestyle. 

“While working hard to keep my grades up, I’ve been able to enrich my life and that of others by supporting causes I believe in,” she said.

During her time as a student, Chantel acted as the co-chair of Ku-Ah-Mah, the Native American Student organization. She also volunteered at the WSU Spokane campus pantry, and presented at WSU’s Globalization, Diversity, and Education conference regarding the project through the College of Education called Ti’tooqan Cuukweneewit.

Photo: Chantel Hill.
Chantel Hill

“I have grown as a leader serving not only my community but creating events to share with the local community and students.”

Chantel plans to use her degree to become a teacher and spread what she has learned to younger generations.

“This degree has taught me so much, not only about myself, but it has also taught me critical thinking skills. I have gained knowledge on how to work on a deeper level with young learners and will continue to work through my teacher certification.”

Daniel Menne, 2019-20 History Outstanding Senior

Photo: Daniel Menne.
Daniel Menne

Daniel is a Marine Corps veteran who worked as a fire and EMS dispatcher while earning his degree through WSU Global Campus.

“I decided to get a history degree for two reasons. First, I knew that getting a degree is very important for career advancement and getting ahead in life. You learn things like critical thinking and research skills that you can use in virtually any career field, and it helps you stand out and show employers you have what it takes to succeed, he said.

“I also just love history. I greatly enjoy soaking up knowledge about the past. With WSU’s online history degree, I was able to check both boxes. I got to explore a subject I was passionate about while securing my future.”

According to Daniel, the flexibility to work around his busy life was important to him when choosing where to earn his degree from. 

“I chose WSU Global Campus mainly because of its great reputation and the flexibility that online learning offers….being able to work around a busy schedule is important to me,” he said.  “I’ve done online learning with other schools before, but WSU is above and beyond what I’ve experienced before. The classes are so functional and easy to learn in, and the professors are great.”

 Daniel is thinking about using his degree to shift gears in his career soon and becoming a firefighter.

“Having my degree will help me stand out in the competitive job market. Overall, I had a great experience at WSU and I encourage everyone looking for flexible higher education to look into Global Campus.”

Dan Simpson, Global Campus Graduate

For Dan earning his Electrical Power Engineering Professional Science Master’s Degree at Global Campus was the opportunity of a lifetime, giving him the ability to earn this innovative degree 100% online while continuing work and building valuable experience in his field.

In 2014, Dan was working as a System engineer at Okanogan PUD in Okanogan, Washington. He greatly enjoyed his work in the utility industry, but he was afraid that his career would stagnate without a boost from earning a high-level degree. However, he didn’t want to upend his career or relocate to earn a degree on a physical campus.

“I would have had to probably quit my job and move without Global Campus,” says Dan. “When I was looking for a master’s program, flexibility was very important to me. Learning online with WSU allowed me to maintain my career in the utility industry and achieve my educational goals at the same time. It was a great decision.”

Photo: Dan Simpson.
Dan Simpson

An innovative and relatively new type of degree program, a Professional Science Master’s, or PSM, trains students in an advanced scientific field while also teaching them the skills to be leaders and managers in a professional environment. This unique mix of disciplines is designed for career advancement in scientific and technical fields.

“The PSM program had the higher-level engineering courses that aligned with my career growth,” said Dan. “The PSM program also had additional management, legal, and financial courses that a person needs in order to be a well-rounded manager. I was able to apply the concepts in these courses directly to my position as a general manager in the utility field.”

According to Dan, his degree has already had a profound impact on his career, helping him to advance in his field. 

“I would highly recommend the PSM program and Global Campus to any working engineer,” said Simpson. “The PSM program directly related to my career as a utility engineer and a manager, and the concepts taught in the program could be applied directly the work I do every day.”