Change of Campus

The change of campus form is now available for Fall 2024. Change of campus forms for Fall 2024 to the Global Campus will be accepted through 5 pm on Wednesday August 21st, 2024.

Who Needs to Complete a Change of Campus Form: Submit a change of campus form if you are a WSU undergraduate student and any of the bulleted statements apply:

  • You are a current WSU student (enrolled in a WSU campus for the current term, or you have been out for only one semester) and want to take classes and be advised at another campus. For example, if you are currently attending classes on the Pullman campus and would like to complete your degree at Global Campus.
  • You are a new WSU student (any student who has applied for and been admitted to a WSU campus for an academic term but the term has not yet begun, excluding summer) and now wish to complete your degree through a different WSU campus than the one you originally applied to.
  • You were academically deficient in your previous semester (or when you left WSU) and would like to switch to a different campus. Please submit the change of campus form prior to applying for reinstatement; reinstatement conditions are campus specific.

If you have questions, contact a staff member at the campus to which you wish to change. Review the form for contact information.

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