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Application Deadline

  • Spring: December 8
  • Summer: April 12 (early sessions
  • Fall: July 19

Class Begins

  • Spring: January 8, 2024
  • Summer: May 6, 2024 (early sessions)
  • Fall: August 19, 2024

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Arts
in English

WSU College

College of Arts and Sciences

Harness the Power of Language

The ability to write effectively and communicate persuasively with a wide variety of audiences can be an extremely impactful skill. Consequently, professional writing ability and communication expertise are among the most valued and sought-after skills in today’s constantly evolving job market.

WSU Global Campus English.

Why Major in English at WSU?

WSU’s Bachelor of Arts in English, offered entirely online, specializes in rhetoric and professional writing. This course of study focuses on applied writing and editing skills that are vital to success in every workplace. The program emphasizes the ability to write effectively and persuasively in professional settings and communicate technical or complex subject matter to any audience. WSU English students will also develop a broad understanding of the English language and literary studies while developing competencies in reading, research and critical thinking. 

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What You’ll Learn

Along with gaining practical communication knowledge and writing expertise, you’ll learn how to be a critical and analytical consumer of information. You’ll learn how to communicate information to others effectively and persuasively, in a wide variety of contexts and settings, both textually and visually. You will also gain direct experience and training in digital tools and multimedia modes for research, writing, and publication. Graduates will be well-prepared to enter the job market as professional or technical writers in a wide variety of fields, including business, public service, law, science/technology, media/public relations and more.  

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WSU Online English Degree Strengths

  • WSU Global Campus offers the most comprehensive online professional writing curriculum in Washington State, providing a practical pathway into the growing and in-demand field of professional/technical writing.
  • Online students will have the opportunity to earn internship credit, gain hands-on writing and editing experience, and build their personal writing portfolios, increasing their marketability when searching for jobs after graduation.
  • Students may choose to integrate a writing certificate into their program of study, further solidifying their professional writing credentials and enhancing their resume.
  • WSU’s English department in the College of Arts and Sciences is home to Blood Orange Review, a nationally recognized literary journal, providing English students the opportunity to practice literary editing and submit their work to potentially gain large-scale recognition.

Program of Study

All courses are available online

All WSU undergraduates must complete a minimum of 120 semester credits of which 40 credits must be at the 300 – 400 level. Students must also complete the University Common Requirements (UCORE). These can generally be satisfied with a direct transfer degree. For a list of direct-transfer agreements, visit WSU’s Transferring an Associate Degree web page.

Students must also fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences graduation requirements and the program requirements of the degree. Time to degree completion varies depending on semester of enrollment and course availability. Not all courses are available all semesters. Your academic advisor will help map out the best plan for you.

The major requires 36 credits in ENGLISH course work at 300-400 level courses. Students must also complete at least one Humanities elective.

3 semester credits (select one; additional courses may also be available)

  • Humanity 103 – Mythology
  • Humanity 302 [HUM] [M] – Humanities in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

15 semester credits

  • ENGLISH 301 [WRTG] – Writing and Rhetorical Conventions
  • ENGLISH 302 [M] – Introduction to English Studies
  • ENGLISH 360 – Principles of Rhetoric
  • ENGLISH 362 [EQJS] – Rhetorics of Racism
  • ENGLISH 461 [M] – Theory and Practice in Technical and Professional Writing or ENGLISH 460 [M] The Scope of Rhetoric

3 semester credits (select one)

  • ENGLISH 373 – 20th and 21st Century Global Literatures in English
  • ENGLISH 370 – The Making of English: Literature, Language and Culture Before 1600

18 semester credits (select six; additional courses may also be available)

  • ENGLISH 308 [M] – Introduction to Literary Criticism
  • ENGLISH 361 – Everyday Rhetoric
  • ENGLISH 401 – History of Rhetoric
  • ENGLISH 402 [WRTG] [M] – Technical and Professional Writing
  • ENGLISH 405 – Advanced Professional Writing and Editing
  • ENGLISH 495 – Rhetoric of Science and Technology
  • ENGLISH 365 [WRTG] – Proposal Writing

Students must complete the University Writing Portfolio, and two Writing in the Major courses. For online students, the Writing in the Major requirement will be fulfilled with ENGLISH 460 or 461 and ENGLISH 302.

All students, including community college transfer students with an approved transferable AA degree from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona or Hawaii, or students pursuing a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences, will be held to the following additional requirements:

  • Foreign Language: Complete 2 years of high school or 1 year of college in a single foreign language
  • Completion of an [EQJS] designated course.
  • Additional 1 lab credit of [BSCI], [PSCI] for a total of 8 semester credits and 2 labs.

Please review the online WSU Catalog for additional information about specific degree requirements.