Student Experience

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An Impactful Campus Experience

At WSU Global Campus, we strive to provide our students with engaging and transformational higher education. We offer a wide variety of student support services, resources and engagement opportunities designed to foster a holistic and impactful campus experience.

We think you’ll get a lot out of joining the WSU Global Campus community—but don’t take our word for it! Find out what the WSU Global Campus experience is really like from the words of real students.

I chose Global Campus because I’m a stay-at-home mom, and it was the best option to accommodate that. My family and I have always been Cougs too, so it was really a no-brainer when I saw that WSU offered an online Psychology degree. I’m so glad I made that choice.

My experience at Global Campus was amazing! There were so many opportunities to get involved while I earned a challenging and worthwhile degree from home.

There’s so much to take advantage of, including student government, online events, clubs and organizations, academic support and tutoring, and even emergency financial resources—I really wasn’t expecting all of that with an online degree. My time at Global Campus has been life changing, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for excellent online higher education. GO COUGS!

—Abigail Chandos, ‘24
BA in Psychology
Spokane, WA

Photo: Megan Hexum.

Global Campus has given me a lot of opportunities, including student government, to get involved and connect with my fellow Cougs.

These great opportunities have helped me get the most out of my college journey and have opened doors for me along the way.

Being able to get my degree online has helped me build a brighter future for my family, and that it the most important thing to me.

—Megan Hexum, ‘20
BA in Hospitality Business Management
Walla Walla, WA

Photo: Charles Nevin.

I chose WSU Global Campus because I wanted to be able to choose where I lived while getting a great education.

It allowed me to enjoy a great work-life balance and pursue my passion for psychology at the same time. Many of my professors were very involved and interested in my success, mentoring me as I learned.

Global Campus makes online learning so easy and impactful…it’s really been a great experience.

—Charles Nevin, ‘19
BS in Psychology
Long Beach, CA

Photo: Austin Peasley.

Before I started at WSU, I heard great things about Global Campus from people I trust.

My own experience has been nothing but positive.

It’s so convenient and flexible, and the staff and faculty have been incredibly supportive and helpful. I’ve excelled at my classes and greatly enjoyed them, even while working full time. Overall, Global Campus has just been a really strong fit for me and my life.

—Austin Peasley, ’20
PSM in Molecular Biosciences
Albany, OR

Photo: Sydney Wright.

I spent three years as a student on WSU’s Pullman campus, and with that to live up to, my experience as an online WSU student has been fantastic. Even though you are online, there are so many ways to get involved, engage with other students, and get a great degree while you’re doing it.

To me, Global Campus is the same as being on campus, just with more convenience and the flexibility to live the way I want to as I go to school.

I’ve gotten involved with an honor society, travelled to Pullman to present my undergrad research, and have taken advantage of many other great opportunities. I can’t recommend Global Campus highly enough!

—Sydney Wright, ’19
BS in Psychology
Bellingham, WA