In only three weeks, you can get three credits closer to earning your WSU diploma by enrolling in an online course during Intersession! 

This year’s Intersession runs from July 31 – Aug. 22. As of this posting, seats are still available for the Intersession courses in the list below. All but one fulfill a UCORE requirement. Select a course link to learn more about the course.

Course (Class Number)

Class Title


CES 271 / MUS 265 (2777/2771)

Native Music of North America


COM 101 (2774)

Media and Society


ECONS 101 (2770)

Fundamentals of Microeconomics


MUS 262 (2772)

Rock Music


MUS 362 (2773)

History of Jazz


MUS 363 / WGSS 363 (2778/2779)

Women in Music


SHS 201 (4 credits) (2783)

American Sign Language I



You can learn more about Intersession and other Summer Sessions on the Summer Session website. Or, if you have questions, contact the Summer Session team at 800-222-4978, 509-335-2238, or email