Earn Three Credits in Three Weeks with Intersession!

In only three weeks, you can get three credits closer to earning your WSU diploma by enrolling in an online course during Intersession! 

This year’s Intersession runs from July 31 – Aug. 22. As of this posting, seats are still available for the Intersession courses in the list below. All but one fulfill a UCORE requirement. Select a course link to learn more about the course.

Course (Class Number)

Class Title


CES 271 / MUS 265 (2777/2771)

Native Music of North America


COM 101 (2774)

Media and Society


ECONS 101 (2770)

Fundamentals of Microeconomics


MUS 262 (2772)

Rock Music


MUS 362 (2773)

History of Jazz


MUS 363 / WGSS 363 (2778/2779)

Women in Music


SHS 201 (4 credits) (2783)

American Sign Language I


You can learn more about Intersession and other Summer Sessions on the Summer Session website. Or, if you have questions, contact the Summer Session team at 800-222-4978, 509-335-2238, or email summer@wsu.edu.