By Jeffry Willadsen, Global Campus Senior Writer

Madeleine Crookshank

Higher education can open doors to a world of exciting opportunities. For Global Campus student Madeleine Crookshank, graduating with her Washington State University degree will be a stepping stone for pursuing her passion: helping children with psychiatric disorders.  

While she earns her bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in psychology online from WSU Global Campus, Crookshank works as an Admission Service Coordinator in the emergency department at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

“I absolutely love working at a children’s hospital. It’s very rewarding and there is no other job I would want to have,” Crookshank said. “Having the opportunity to help children and their families and make their visit with us more enjoyable is such a great feeling. I have always wanted to work with children and my job is very important to me.”

Though she thoroughly enjoys her work in the emergency department, Crookshank has her sights set on her ultimate goal of working with children in the mental health field.

“After I graduate, I intend to transfer from the emergency department at Children’s Hospital to the psychiatric unit to work as a pediatric mental health specialist,” Crookshank said. “It’s what I’m truly passionate about and getting my WSU degree is a huge stepping stone to getting there.”

Once she transfers to the psychiatric unit, Crookshank said that the children’s hospital will be able to provide her with all other necessary training and certifications needed be successful in her new role.

While Crookshank chose to study sociology and psychology with her career aspirations in mind, she also selected these fields because they were fascinating to learn about.

“I love to delve into the reasons people act and react the way they do,” she said. “I’m especially interested in exploring how society at large can effect individual actions and how this knowledge can help us solve difficult social problems.”

Crookshank said that the flexibility and quality of an online WSU degree were also key to her decision to become an online Coug.

“Because I chose WSU Global Campus, I was able to keep my current job at Children’s Hospital, which is very important to furthering my career goals,” said Crookshank. “Being able to get an amazing education from the comfort of my own home was a real selling point. It was just the best option for me.”

Crookshank is set to graduate in May of 2020. According to her, she had a lot of help along the way from Global Campus staff and faculty.

“My instructors have been awesome. They are great at giving me feedback and being responsive,” she said. “My advisor, Keri Hill, has been absolutely amazing. She answered so many questions for me when I first started and has been extremely encouraging and helpful.”

“Overall, my experience at WSU has been great. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and excited to graduate and be one step closer to achieving my goals.”