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Washington State University Global Campus

Virtual Mentor Tip: Add Your Face to Your Profile!

Are you missing face-to-face communication? During my time as a virtual mentor, not being able to communicate face to face has been one of the key concerns that I have heard students express with online learning. Though we can't recreate actual face to face communication, we can come pretty close to it if we try. There are a number of ways instructors have tried to tackle this: some will hold office hours via Zoom, others share video lectures. » More ...

A Tip From a Virtual Mentor and Global Campus Grad

Photo of Ruth Wilson, WSU Virtual Mentor
Hey everybody! I'm Ruth Wilson, one of WSU Global's Virtual Mentors. Although I attended seven colleges and universities throughout my college career, I’m proud to have graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with minors in history and psychology. My experience at WSU Global Campus was my favorite. I really enjoyed studying from home and receiving helpful support from virtual mentors in my courses. » More ...

Tools to keep your Blackboard posts error-free

Hello Global Campus Cougs!My name is Lois, and I’m one of your WSU Virtual Mentors.My story is similar to many of yours…I put my university studies on hold for a bit while my children were young; as they got older, I had the time and motivation to complete my 4-year degree, but our frequent moves seemed like a road-block to me finishing up. » More ...