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Getting and Staying Organized in the World of Online Learning

Are you new to the world of online learning? Are you a seasoned online learner in need of a new strategy? Or maybe you already have well-established system for organizing your schedule, but you’re on the lookout for a helpful new tip. Whatever your situation, I’d like to offer some words of advice and tips that I used during my time as a busy student.

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Virtual Mentors Support LGBTQ+ Students

Hello Cougs! While working on my Bachelor’s, I was able to take many Women’s Studies courses. In those courses we explored identities both like and unlike our own. It ended up shaping what I studied in grad school and my work as a Virtual Mentor today. While VMing today, I find students searching for community and a brave-safe space to learn about identities. Thankfully, WSU has a resource center that provides just that!  

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Tips For Juggling Life and Being an Online Student

I get it. Really, I do.
There is an exam to study for in one class, a huge paper due soon in another, endless pages to read and lectures to watch in yet another. The kids need to get to soccer, ballet, and gym classes on time several days this week. The boss has asked for more hours covered because of short staffing. The mirror says “hey, we’re long overdue for a haircut, here”, the animals are all up for a yearly vet visit, and the significant other thinks he or she is invisible.

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