Career Resources for Global Campus Students

Join Global Campus Career Advisor, Chris Miller, as he walks you through the career resources and services available to Global Campus students. Chris will answer your questions, introduce tools, and demonstrate how to utilize these resources. Handshake, the Strong Interest Inventory, Resume Worded, and virtual events will be highlighted.

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What Can You Do To Be an Inclusive Leader?

Few would disagree that inclusion is the right thing to do and good for business. If organizations believe in the “why” of being diverse, inclusive, and equitable leaders, then why are they still struggling to put it into action? Because true change requires inclusion on purpose, which takes more than just knowing inclusion is right, it commands personal intention and awareness when creating inclusive workplaces. In this research-backed webinar, inclusion strategist and author Ruchika Tulshyan will set the stage for why organizations must take an intersectional and purposeful approach to create an inclusive workplace.

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Boeing Resume & Interview Skills Workshop

The Resume and Interview Skills Workshop will dive into best practices for resume development and interview tips that best positions students for success. This includes resume strategy, formatting, content, mistakes to avoid, and items to include, as well as strategies and insights on how to be successful in a structured interview, which is the format used by Boeing and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Career Fair

This Virtual Career Fair is free to attend for diverse job and internship seekers. Competitive opportunities for every level of candidate, including experienced professionals and recent college graduates, to meet online with employers across the nation. Candidates are invited to interact with employers via chat sessions and connect with employers looking to hire diverse students and alumni.

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How to Level Up Your Life, Your Career, and Your Business

Have you ever dreamed of doing something you love while making a difference in the lives around you? Or serving a customer base also affecting positive change? Or, even, just doing what you love with those you want to spend time with most? In this inspiring webinar, Lara Hodgson, co-author of Level Up: Rise Above the Hidden Forces Holding your Business Back, will share her experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly) as a serial entrepreneur starting multiple businesses, with her long-time business partner, Stacey Abrams.

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Seniors in the Spotlight

This year, WSU Global Campus recognized 15 graduating seniors for their outstanding dedication to academic excellence and service to the university or their communities. These students hail from all around the country and the world, representing a diverse cross-section of our global community of online Cougs. This month, we are highlighting three of our Outstanding […]

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How to Manage Uncertainty

Are you afraid you’re too old to make big changes? Are you worried about breaking away from a well-formed path even though you’re unhappy? Uncertainty is at an all-time high. What do you need to move forward in a meaningful way in your career? Your prime working years encompass about 40 to 50 percent of your entire lifetime, and as we are living longer, many of us are working later in life too. In this thought-provoking webinar, career and executive coach Tammy Gooler Loeb will identify the strategies to help you stay on track as obstacles and opportunities show up in your careers.

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Career Networking

You know it’s important to network, but how do you do it effectively? Join Chris Miller, Global Campus Career Advisor, to learn the foundations of networking from building your contacts to creating a personalized elevator speech. From this webinar, you’ll take away networking tools to use throughout your career.

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Virtual Internships with the Federal Government

If you’re a student interested in a virtual internship with the federal government, it’s time to #ApplyinJuly, and this year the process has been improved. Students can view internships and apply all in one place: USAJOB’s Open Opportunities VSFS Community.

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