Global Campus Legends

Our “Global Campus Legends” series celebrates the 30th anniversary of WSU Global Campus by putting a spotlight on the unique experiences and journeys of Global Campus students throughout the years. Global Campus Legends features students who graduated from Global Campus since it was founded as WSU Extended Degree Programs in 1992.   

Darien Smith

Featured Alum

Meet Global Campus Legend Darien Smith

“I was a first-generation college student. I paid my way through community college while working full-time. While I planned on transferring to the WSU Vancouver campus, my heart had other plans. I moved to North Carolina to marry my boyfriend in the military at Camp Lejeune. A small courthouse ceremony later, I was officially a military spouse. My husband deployed to Afghanistan shortly thereafter.”

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  • Susie Beador

    “My journey at WSU began in Pullman as a freshman in September 1968. It was a wonderful time and I found community, direction, and a purpose I needed at that time in my life. Unfortunately, after 2 1/2 years, my journey ended as I had to return home to help take care of my siblings. However, I promised myself that one day I would return to WSU and complete my degree and in September 1998 that dream came true when I enrolled in the WSU Extended Degree Program…” | Read more from Susie Beador

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  • Mary Senter

    “My story begins like so many others. I started college after high school but couldn’t find my stride. I joined the military, started a family, and got busy with life. After many years of working in backbreaking construction and facility maintenance, I was working as a corrections officer at the county jail when I decided I finally needed to go back and finish my degree in order to get somewhere in this life. As a full-time worker and full-time single parent, attending school in a physical classroom was not an option for me…” | Read more from Mary Senter

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  • Tricia Jennings

    “After working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant for 5 years at a school district in Seattle, I decided it was time to finish my bachelor’s degree. I was thrilled I could complete it online! I started my journey and finished my BA, but then decided: ‘what the heck, why don’t I just get my Master’s of Education?’ Oh, and I could do that online too!…” | Read more from Tricia Jennings

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  • Sidne Steindorf

    “My schooling was interrupted after 2 1/2 years of college credit by an early marriage and “life.” Living in a rural community in south central Washington, I was isolated from educational opportunities. In 1993, I discovered WSU’s Extended Degree Program and got to work on fulfilling my lifelong goal of being a college graduate…” | Read more from Sidne Steindorf

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  • Kassy Ellefson

    For me it was always going to be WSU. I like to tell people I’ve been a Coug since birth, even though no one in my family had gone to college. I didn’t start seriously considering getting a degree until I was in my forties, and WSU Global Campus was a perfect fit…” | Read more from Kassy Ellefson

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