WSU Global Campus Celebrates Pride Month with LGBTQ+ Flag Knowledge Bowl

By Jeff Willadsen, Global Campus Senior Writer

Washington State University Global Campus is celebrating Pride Month with a month-long LGBTQ+ pride flag social media campaign culminating in a virtual Knowledge Bowl event on June 30th.

“Global Campus strives to be equally inclusive to all of our students and fellow Cougs and recognizing Pride Month is an important part of reaching that goal,” said Andria Donnenwerth, Global Campus’s involvement manager and director of the Global Connections student involvement program. “In planning what we would do, we tried to create an event that would last all month long to provide many opportunities for WSU students around the world to engage.”

Throughout Pride Month which starts on June 1, the Global Campus student engagement team will be posting information about a different Pride flag every day on the Global Campus Facebook page .

On June 30 at 6 p.m. Pacific Time, Global Campus will host a live LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Knowledge Bowl event, quizzing participants about the information put out throughout the month. Participants will compete in teams, or individually, to win prizes.

The virtual event is open to students from all WSU campuses.

 “We hope to have as many students as possible participate,” said Donnenwerth. “By sharing a different flag every day on Facebook and then hosting our LGBTQ+ Flag Knowledge Bowl, we hope to not only welcome our LGBTQ+ students and assure them that they have a safe space, but also to create awareness among others.”

Each post will include links to information about the unique LGBTQ+ community represented by each flag.

“The flags of the LGBTQ+ Community are a great example of inclusivity and being accepting of all, and that’s something we want to celebrate” said Donnenwerth. “By updating their flags with new colors or adding new flags, this community is making sure everyone is represented and has a voice. That spirit of inclusivity and acceptance aligns perfectly with the values of our worldwide community of online leaners.”

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WSU students can register for the LGBTQ+ Flag Knowledge Bowl on the event’s registration page.