First Gen Journey: Setting an Example for My Kids

Our First Gen Journey series puts a spotlight on the unique stories and experiences of WSU Global Campus students and staff members who are, or will be, in the first generation of their families to earn a four-year college degree.

Kasey Broadbent, WSU Global Campus Student

Kasey Broadbent

Kasey grew up in a rural community in Eastern Oregon. Raised by a single mother, her family struggled with extreme poverty for her entire childhood. Her father’s battle with addiction also influenced Kasey’s outlook on life as an adult. These challenging experiences throughout her life led to a desire to improve her future through higher education.

“I want to earn my degree to show my kids it is possible to break the cycle. Growing up in poverty does not mean one has to remain in poverty. One does not need to be defined by their past.”

Kasey currently lives in Goldendale, Wash., with her fiancée, a son who is a senior in high school, three dogs, and two cats. After years of hard work, she is set to graduate in Fall 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences with concentrations in anthropology and sociology.

“My primary reason for beginning my higher education journey was to set a good example for my children. This has worked so far, as I have a daughter who will be earning her associate degree in June.”

Kasey works in the social services field and has a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. This passion is another motivation for pursuing her educational goals.

“My secondary reason for earning my degree emerged when I realized that I could make a difference for those who struggle with poverty and addiction. My story has helped influence several other women in my community to finish their GED and/or enroll in a degree program. I hope that my continued journey will inspire others to build successful lives and not accept defeat. Challenges and barriers offer us a chance to grow and improve if we chose to put in the work to solve them.”

She also currently serves as vice president of ASWSU Global Campus, WSU’s online student government.