Virtual Mentor Tip—Winter Break: An Opportunity to Rest, Reflect, and Plan

Lauren Alford, VM

As a Global student, I’ve always found winter break to be a great opportunity to reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far and figure out what I still need to complete for my degree.  I like to review my Academic Progress report not only prior to advising appointments, but also periodically throughout the year for motivation and inspiration.       

You can access your Academic Progress report on the Student Homepage under the tile labeled “Academic Advising.” 


After selecting the Academic Advising tile, go to the left-hand column and click on the Academic Progress tab. 


A series of drop-down headlines in bold will appear.


If you select and expand each one, you will see:

  • How many credits you have.
  • How many credits you need (some majors may require more than the minimum of 120 credits to graduation).
  • Your GPA.
  • Whether you need to complete the Writing Portfolio.
  • Which requirements are still needed to complete your degree.
  • The progress made for your specific degree plan.

Since WSU continually adds new online course offerings, it’s worthwhile to periodically browse the Schedule of Classes.  You can see which courses fulfill the needed requirements, and which courses might be fun to take as an elective.  The Schedule of Classes allows you to search for courses by UCORE, GER, and course subject, among other options.  It’s a helpful way to narrow down the choices and find the exact course you need.  As a student, I’m often finding new courses I want to take as the offerings may change year to year.  I like to make a list of courses I’m interested in and ask my advisor how they might fit in with my degree plan.  The advisors can offer valuable advice and insight, as well as suggesting alternative courses students may need or enjoy.

I’ve found that routinely checking my Academic Progress report and the Schedule of Classes helps me feel like I have more control over my education.  Besides discovering new courses, I feel a sense of accomplishment seeing each line marked as “Satisfied” on my Academic Progress report.  It reminds me why I work so hard and of my academic goals.  I hope that you will spend some time exploring these resources as well.  WSU is here to help you make the most of your educational journey!

See you in the course space! 

Lauren Alford, WSU Virtual Mentor