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Washington State University Global Campus

WSU’s online undergraduate Professional Science and Technology Writing Certificate gives students the ability to bridge the gap between the work of scientists and how the public understands that work.

Whether you work in media relations or grant-writing, risk-assessment or government communications, you’ll be able to explain the complexities of scientific advancements to national and international audiences. The 15-credit certificate also includes a variety of electives so you can tailor your education to your goals and interests.

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Program of Study—15 semester credits

All courses are available online
The certificate requires five 3-credit courses: Three courses are required, and two are electives

Required Courses

9 semester credits

  • ENGLISH 301, Writing and Rhetorical Conventions
  • ENGLISH 402, Technical and Professional Writing
  • ENGLISH 495, The Rhetoric of Science and Technology

Elective Courses

6 semester credits

The two elective courses can come from several fields. Among the options are:

  • BIOLOGY 330
  • MBIOS 320
  • PSYCH 401
  • SOE 210
  • SOE 285
  • SOIL SCI 360