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WSU’s online undergraduate Professional Writing Certificate program teaches students how to use precise words, create crisp sentences, and assemble logical and persuasive paragraphs – communications skills that are essential in the modern workplace.

The five required courses cover English use, technical writing, rhetoric and anthropology. Students will learn how to express themselves clearly, cogently, and with style.

The certificate is ideal for:

  • Grant writers
  • PR professionals
  • Business professionals
  • Administrators
  • Technical writers

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Program of Study—15 semester credits

All courses are available online
The certificate requires five 3-credit courses

Required Courses

15 semester credits

All courses must be completed with a grade of “B” or better.

Students must take either Anth/For L 350 or Engl 301 first, and Engl 498 last. These courses may be taken concurrently with a maximum of one other certificate course. Students must take three credits of Engl 498.

  • Anth/For L 350 [S] – Speech, Thought and Culture
  • Engl 301 [W] – Writing and Rhetorical Conventions (Prerequisite: Engl 101 or Engl 105)
  • Engl 402 [W,M] – Technical and Professional Writing (Prerequisite: Engl 101)
  • Engl 405 – Advanced Professional Writing and Editing (Prerequisite: Engl 402)
  • Engl 498 – Internship – Cooperative learning experience in business, education, or industry in English-related jobs. Three credits required.

Once all courses are completed, students can download the form to apply for the Professional Writing Certificate (pdf).