Global Campus Chancellor: First-Gen Student Celebration

Dear Global Campus Cougs,

Today we are taking some time to shine a spotlight on a vibrant and inspiring group of students in our online campus community—first-generation college students. These students are the first generation in their families to go to college, and 29% of Global Campus students bear this distinction.

First-generation students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences, and many have overcome incredible challenges while making their academic journeys. Each of these students has a unique story to tell. I believe it is important to recognize and celebrate these students for their incredible tenacity, resilience, and passion for learning, as well as for their countless positive contributions to WSU Global Campus. You are an inspiration to us all.

I encourage you to check out this new blog story highlighting the journeys of several of our first-generation Global Campus students. I also encourage you to take some time to recognize other first-generation students in your life, and to share your story if you are one. The more we value one another’s unique backgrounds, the better we can understand each other and come together as a community of learning.

Go Cougs!

-Dave Cillay, WSU Global Campus Chancellor