Virtual Mentor Tips: Warming the Soul with Knowledge and Self Improvement

As we enter the winter months, the weather is increasingly dropping in temperature and the elements are keeping us indoors much more often. At these times, I seek out new things to learn and help me improve myself. These learning experiences aren’t always academic in nature, but, for me, they have the effect of warming my soul when things outside look dreary. Here are some tips to help you along your own journey of lifelong learning this winter:

During these colder days, I will often grab a warm drink along with a pen and note pad and check out the free Global Connections Video Vault  where I can explore interesting and informational archived webinars and live-streamed events. The Video Vault consists of nine video categories and is available for all students at any time. 

I tend to utilize the colder months to either create a new game plan, incorporate healthy habits, or review efficiency of my current personal plans and goals I have in place. For example, one area of personal interest for me is health, so I use WSU’s Wellbeing Online to gather information I can apply to my health journey.

I also take this hibernation time to preview the ASWSUG Homepage to explore upcoming events and/or resources I may need currently or in the future. Also, for those interested, it is a great time to preview how to get involved in student government.

I hope these topics will give you some ideas to explore! Remember, if coursework has you swamped at the moment, you can bookmark them to peruse at a less busy time! Enjoy!

Jennifer Smith, Global Campus Virtual Mentor