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Data Analytics

WSU’s online bachelor of science in data analytics prepares students for careers in the emerging high-demand field of big data. You will learn the tools and techniques to collect, manage, explore and analyze large, complex datasets, and you will be able to effectively communicate your findings to help companies in a wide range of industries make better business decisions.

The interdisciplinary curriculum includes courses in data analytics, computer science, statistics, math and communication. The specialization track gives students a deeper expertise in the area of business. The skills you will learn are highly transferable and graduates can use their knowledge to bring value to a wide spectrum of industries.

Courses are taught by WSU distinguished faculty who also teach on the WSU physical campuses.

Math Preparation

To be successful in the program, students must have strong math skills. Math 171, 172, and 220 are prerequisites to all Data Analytics courses above CPTS/STAT 115, and must be taken at another college or university. Students can be admitted to the program and take the three math courses concurrently at another school while enrolled in CPTS/STAT 115 and various UCORE undergraduate courses at WSU Global Campus.


Data analytics is currently the most in demand of all technical fields, with starting salaries in six figures for some application areas.

Core data skills acquired in the degree enable you to work as a data analyst in diverse employment sectors, including manufacturing, e-commerce, transportation, retail, health care, government, insurance, finance, education, environmental management, and more.


Washington State University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. More information on accreditation here.

Why WSU Global Campus?

WSU Global Campus fulfills WSU’s 1890 land-grant mission of expanding access to education. We use new technologies, but uphold old-school values, with courses taught by expert WSU faculty, academic advisors intent on your success, and a diploma backed by a long-established reputation for excellence.

Besides receiving an exceptional education, students enrolled in WSU Global Campus are also invited to events coordinated by the online student government and the Global Connections program. These include face-to-face gatherings, online career fairs, live-stream cultural performances, keynote addresses and other events.

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Program of Study

All WSU undergraduates must complete the University Common Requirements (UCORE). These can generally be satisfied with a direct transfer degree. For a list of direct-transfer agreements, visit WSU's Transferring an Associate Degree web page.

To certify in the Data Analytics major students must have 24 credits and a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students must also complete the Data Analytics graduation requirements and the program requirements of the degree.

Minimum semester credits required to graduate with a BS in Data Analytics: 120

  • Certification Requirements:
    Completion of the following seven courses with a GPA of 2.5 or higher is required for certification into the major
    • CPTS/STAT 115 - Introduction to Data Analytics
    • CPTS 215 - Data Analytics Systems & Algorithms
    • MATH 171 - Calculus I
    • MATH 172 - Calculus II
    • MATH 220 - Introductory Linear Algebra
    • Choose one of the following
      • CPTS 131 - Program Design & Development -Java
      • CPTS 121 - Program Design & Development -C/++
    • Choose one of the following
      • CPTS 132 - Data Structures –Java
      • CPTS 122 - Data Structures -C/++
  • Upper Division:
    • CPTS 315 - Introduction to Data Mining
    • CPTS 415 - Big Data
    • CPTS/STAT 424 - Data Analytics Capstone
    • CPTS 451 - Introduction to Database Systems
    • PHIL 450 - Data Analytics Ethics
    • STAT 360 - Probability & Statistics
    • STAT 380 - Decision Making & Statistics
    • STAT 419 - Intro to Multivariate Stats
    • STAT 436 - Statistical Computing with SAS & R
    • Choose one of the following
      • STAT 412 - Statistical Methods in Research I
      • STAT 423 - Statistical Methods for Engineers & Scientists
      • ECONS 311 - Introductory Econometrics (required for economics track)
  • Specialization Track:
    • Business Track
      Required Courses (27 credits)
      • ECONS 101 - Fundamentals of Microeconomics
      • One of the following
        • COMM 102 - Public Speaking [COMM]
        • HD 205 - Developing Effective Com Skills [COMM]
      • ACCTG 230 - Intro to Financial Accounting
      • MIS 250 - Managing Information Technology
      • MIS 322 - Enterprise Business Process Analysis [M]
      • MIS 420 - Business Intelligence
      • MGT 301 - Principles of Management & Organization
      • Two track options selected from below
        • ACCTG 433 - Accounting Systems and Auditing [M]
        • FIN 427 - Investment Analysis [M]
        • MGTOP 340 - Operations Management
        • MGTOP 470 - Business Modeling w/ Spreadsheets
        • MIS 372 - Data Management [M]
        • MKTG 368 - Marketing Research

Please review the online WSU Catalog for additional information about specific degree requirements.

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