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ASWSU Global is looking to form its S&A Fee Committee and Judicial Board for 2020-2021. You must not graduate before May 2021 to apply. Please make sure you have reviewed the job description at Student Leader Positions before applying.

About Resource Allocation and Accountability Committee

This is the first year this committee will form a part of our student government. This body is composed of 5 students, one of which will be the Chair. Their purpose is to interpret, enforce and uphold the ASWSUG bylaws and constitution. In the case of a dispute or grievance brought up against any staff member of ASWSUG, this committee will review and mediate the conflict.

This group of students will also be responsible for allocating S&A fees that students pay, which funds our organization among other things on WSU Global campus. Every year the committee will gather with faculty to review the budget requests and decide how much of the resources are allocated to what groups. Once the committee makes its recommendation it is then sent to the board of regents who will then allocate the funds.

This position is very important given that the students ultimately get a say in what programs to invest in with student funds as well as ensure that any disputes and grievances are handled diplomatically.

Members of this committee are held to a high standard given that their role is to hold other students accountable and decide where student fees are allocated thereby are above reproach and will be well-suited to serve the student body.

Learn more about S&A Fees.

Member & Term Requirements

  • Must be a current S&A fee-paying Global Campus student. (At this time OMBA/EMBA program students are not eligible.)
  • Enrolled in at least six credits in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021
  • Students serve on the RAA Committee from appointment until the end of the academic year.
  • Hours required by the Resource Allocation and Accountability Committee will vary depending on caseload.

Monthly meetings begin during the fall semester. Deliberation and allocation are typically completed in March and April. Members must commit to attending all required meetings, hearings, and deliberations; a schedule of required meetings will be provided with advance notice.