ASWSU Resource Allocation & Accountability Board

About the Resource Allocation and Accountability Board

This body is composed of 5 students, one of which will be the Chair. Their purpose is to interpret, enforce and uphold the ASWSUG bylaws and constitution. In the case of a dispute or grievance brought up against any staff member of ASWSUG, this board will review and mediate the conflict.

This group of students will also be responsible for allocating S&A fees that students pay, which funds our organization among other things on WSU Global campus. Every year the board will gather with faculty to review the budget requests and decide how much of the resources are allocated to what groups. Once the board makes its recommendation it is then sent to the board of regents who will then allocate the funds.

This position is very important given that the students ultimately get a say in what programs to invest in with student funds as well as ensure that any disputes and grievances are handled diplomatically.

Members of this board are held to a high standard given that their role is to hold other students accountable and decide where student fees are allocated thereby are above reproach and will be well-suited to serve the student body.

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Member & Term Requirements

  • Must be a current S&A fee-paying Global Campus student. (At this time OMBA/EMBA program students are not eligible.)
  • Enrolled in at least six credits Fall ’24 and Spring ’25
  • Students serve on the RAA Board from appointment until the end of the academic year.
  • Board members will serve an average of 6 hours a month.
  • Preferred graduation date on or after May 2025

Monthly meetings begin during the fall semester. Deliberation and allocation are typically completed in March and April. Members must commit to attending all required meetings, hearings, and deliberations; a schedule of required meetings will be provided with advance notice.

Meet Your Resource Allocation and Accountability Board

Erica Sponberg


Photo: Erica Sponberg.
Erica Sponberg

Hello everyone! My name is Erica Sponberg, and this is my first year at WSU Global. Before transferring to WSU, I graduated from a community college with an AAS in Business Management along with certificates in Accounting and Entrepreneurship. I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources. I grew up in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington and am now living back in the same area. I did a lot of seasonal work between Colorado and Alaska, for many years, but ultimately decided to settle down to finish my education.

I am currently an office manager at a small, but growing, Environmental Consulting and Construction firm. I enjoy working for a young innovative company that works with the fragile urban forests, marine shorelines, wetlands, and native forest of Washington. It’s been a very rewarding company to work for and I have found a lot of enjoyment in this position.

I am very excited to be a part of this board! My goal as a board member is to listen to the needs and wants of the student body and organizations. I want to help ensure that funds are being allocated to help benefit the students and create a fun meaningful college experience. I look forward to being able to bring my skills, prior experience, and perspective to this board and to be able to help serve the Global community.

Courtney Wilkinson

Photo: Courtney Wilkinson
Courtney Wilkinson

Vice Chair

Hey, Global Cougs! My name is Courtney Wilkinson, and I serve as the Vice Chair for the Resource Allocation and Accountability Board. I am currently a senior at WSU Global, majoring in Data Analytics graduating in May!

Outside of school, I am an intern at the Hanford Nuclear Site for Hanford Mission Integration Solutions. I have worked in both Internal Audit and Performance Oversight. When I’m not working or doing schoolwork, my interests include traveling, crafting, watching bad reality TV and playing with my two shih-tzu pups, Maxi and Teddy.

This is my first year taking part in RAA, but last year I served as the Director of Academic Affairs for ASWSUG. I love being involved with different organizations and using my voice for Online Cougs. I look forward to seeing all we accomplish across the Global Campus this school year.

Go Cougs!

Jes Sica

Photo: Jes Sica
Jes Sica

Member of the Board

Hello, Fellow Global Cougs! My name is Jes Sica, and I serve as a Resource Allocation and Accountability Board member. I anticipate graduating in December of 2024, which makes me a junior in Management Information Systems at WSU Global.

My professional life consists of marketing analytics and public relations for small businesses. I have worked with businesses in the construction industry for about 2 years and am continuing to learn and grow. I am passionate about helping people find opportunities and success in life, no matter where they choose to find it. Outside of school and work, I travel often, hike with my Labrador (Charley), binge-watch random series, and collect pressed pennies.

This is my first year as a member of the RAA, but I am connected with many of the clubs that are available to the global students at WSU. I enjoy learning about other people and connecting with other global students. I love knowing that one of the strongest traits we have is how diverse we are. I look forward to this year as a global Coug and cannot wait to see what we are able to do as a team.

Go Cougs!

Savannah Sanchez

Member of the Board

Photo: Savannah Sanchez
Savannah Sanchez

Hello! My name is Savannah Sanchez. I am currently a second year Business Administration major, passionate about computer analysis and linguistics. I was born in Honolulu, HI, and spent a lot of time going between Hawaii and Washington before ultimately settling in Tri Cites. In my free time I enjoy reading and doing crafts with my niece. I also enjoy attending city hall meetings and local events to learn more about what’s happening in my community and support local businesses.

In the past year I’ve been striving to be more active in my community at WSU Global and it’s made me so much more aware of the resources and events that they have to offer. I’m very excited to be a member of the RAA board and help to provide resources and opportunities for my fellow Cougs to create meaningful experiences and gain a sense of community while at WSU. I look forward to working for my fellow Cougs and help ensure that they have a say in their community.

Vanessa Mondragon Williams

Photo: Vanessa Mondragon Williams
Vanessa Mondragon Williams

Member of the Board

Greetings! I’m Vanessa Mondragon Williams, a first-year student at WSU Global. I’ve been part of the WSU Global community since last year, pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems. I relocated to Washington State nearly six years ago from Texas, and I’ve grown to love the lush surroundings and pleasant climate.

In addition to my studies, I also own a small handyman company, which I established 14 months ago. I’m proud to say that it’s been a successful endeavor, and I recently completed a significant project that I’m particularly proud of.

I’m truly excited about my role as a board member and am committed to listening to the concerns and desires of our student body and various organizations. I allocate funds effectively to enhance the student experience and create a memorable college journey.