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As science expands medical boundaries, society faces tough new questions on such topics as assisted suicide, genetic testing and stem cell research.

WSU’s online Graduate Certificate in Bioethics program teaches students how to weigh competing social and individual interests using ethical theories. The certificate enhances employment opportunities in three main areas:

  • Health care, including the bio-tech industry as well as hospitals, nursing homes, and public health organizations.
  • Legal work, including law firms, hospital consulting, bioethics centers, medical societies, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Academic, including such fields as philosophy, anthropology, biology, history, politics, and sociology.

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Program of Study

All courses are available online

Required Courses

9 semester credits

The Graduate Certificate Program in Bioethics requires a minimum of nine credit hours. Eight of those hours are in the core courses. The additional credit is to be completed by directed study or by additional coursework.

  • PHIL 520 – Seminar in Ethical Theory (3 cr)
  • PHIL 530 – Bioethics (2 cr)
  • PHIL 535 – Advanced Biomedical Ethics (3 cr)
  • PHIL 600 – Directed study or graduate course – as approved by departmental advisor (1 or more cr)

Once all courses are completed, students can apply for the Bioethics Graduate Certificate in myWSU.

How to Apply to WSU

Students seeking to earn this certificate as part of a WSU graduate program must be admitted to the Graduate School, fulfilling all of the Graduate School requirements and standards. Students already enrolled in a graduate program at WSU will automatically be eligible to pursue this certificate.

Visit the Graduate School Apply page for deadlines.