Global Campus Undergraduate Tuition

Tuition is based on your campus of admission. Summer tuition is the same at all WSU campuses.

Tuition and fees are due on the first day of each term. WSU does not send paper billing statements. See Tuition Late Payment Fees for late payment penalty dates.

View and pay your balance in your myWSU Finance Center. More info.

Financial aid. A variety of financial aid and scholarships is available. Please check our financial aid web page for quick links to information.

Veterans benefits. If you have question about using veterans benefits, please contact the Office of Veterans Affairs at 509-335-1234 or Also visit the Veterans Affairs website.

Washington state employees. WSU's online courses are not included in the employee tuition waiver program.

Summer 2016 Semester Undergraduate Tuition Rates
(Cost per credit)

Summer tuition is $494 per credit for undergraduate students, and is the same at all WSU campuses.

# of credits














# of credits














Fall 2015, Spring 2016 Semester Undergraduate Tuition Rates

Academic seminar (one-credit face-to-face courses) tuition is $454 per credit, and is in addition to the regular tuition fee. You may request remaining financial aid eligibility to cover the cost by selecting the Special Fees option on the Academic Year Revision Request Form. More information

UCOLLEGE 301 - College Major and Career Planning tuition is in addition to the regular tuition fee.

*There is a two credit minimum charge during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Credits Cost

*Part-time (less than 10 credits)

$543 Washington resident per credit

$570 Non-resident per credit

Full-time (10-18 credits)

$5,434 Washington resident

$5,693 Non-resident

Over 18 credits

$518 Washington resident (in addition to full-time tuition)

$544 Non-resident (in addition to full-time tuition)

Additional Fees


Many courses have required textbooks. Students typically order textbooks online from WSU's bookstore, The Bookie.

Media Rental Fees

Many courses have required media or other course materials (online media, DVDs). Media provided by WSU will be charged to students' accounts and should be paid with tuition before the deadline. Some courses may require students to obtain certain titles by renting them from a local outlet.

Lab Kit Fees

Some courses have lab kits that will be automatically sent to you when you register for a course. Do not return opened lab kits.

The fees for media and lab kits will be listed in the WSU Online course information pages and are charged to students' accounts to be paid with WSU tuition.

Proctoring Fees

Some courses require you to take proctored exams, which are exams taken under the supervision of an acceptable proctor. Many proctors charge a fee to the student. When contacting a proctor, students should ask about that charge. If a course has exams that require a proctor, it will be noted in the syllabus.

WSU Writing Portfolio Fees

Global Campus students completing the WSU Writing Portfolio will be assessed $70.00 in fees ($20 from the Global Campus and $50.00 from WSU) on their student account for the costs associated with administering the portfolio. If students choose to take the online timed writing exam instead of the paper-based exam, there is an additional $35 fee.

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