S&A Fees Impact

The Global Campus S&A fees have been allocated to a number of organizations to fund initiatives to support non-academic services and activities to enhance the Global Campus student experience. Read below to learn more about how the fees have been, and continue to be used in this effort. 

Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Program Goals

Total Allocation: $1,420,561

The allocation provided to ASWSU Global provides stipends to Executive Board members and the members of the Resource Allocation & Accountability (RAA) committee, along with funding to support their initiatives for Global Campus students. These groups work together to provide services and activities, such as in person and virtual events and activities to help with career development, mental health, and increase involvement among students. The events planned for this year include the Global Campus Commencement Ceremony, Summit, and various events partnering with other WSU campuses. In addition, the funds provide reimbursements to students that help with childcare expenses, honor society costs, technology costs, cap and gown fees, travel costs for professional and academic enrichment, and grocery vouchers as part of the global food program. ASWSUG places value in the experience of attending WSU athletic events as part of the full Coug experience and provides ticket opportunities for Global Campus students to be able to attend events of their choosing.  

As Washington’s land grant university, Washington State University’s mission is to extend educational access to better serve residents, employers, and industry. WSU’s Global Campus is the solution for reaching adult learners and traditional college students who increasingly require more flexibility in continuing and completing their education.

We further recognize that to provide a comprehensive education, which is a hallmark of WSU, we must offer opportunities for learning and engagement beyond the course space for Global Campus students learning at a distance. The proposed funding will be used to support multiple functions in various programs devoted to providing student support, activities, events, and engagement for WSU Global Campus students that may otherwise be unavailable to them. The programs and services aim to provide a student environment that contributes to the cultural and social growth of WSU Global Campus students who face many unique circumstances while completing their degree from a distance. 

The WSU Global Campus Student Involvement and Support proposal and budget represents four major aspects of student involvement and engagement for WSU Global Campus students. The coordination of the areas listed below allows Student Support to maximize resources, draw on the expertise of multiple staff across each area and provide a more holistic and engaging student experience for Global Campus students.

  1. Student Involvement, which supports ASWSU Global
  2. Global Campus Mentoring, which aims to help students thrive in their online course space and beyond
  3. Global Connections, which offers opportunities for co- and extra-curricular activities and informal learning outside the course space
  4. Global Esports program, which provides varsity level opportunities to students with an interest in competitive gaming.

Learn more at Global Campus Student Involvement.

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) advances the land-grant mission of the university, fostering meaningful connections and engagement between campus and communities to effect positive change in society. For over ten years, the CCE has received WSU Global Campus S&A funds to extend support to Global Campus students engaged in service learning and community service activities.

All WSU Global students who pay S&A Fees can utilize the CCE’s 1,500 community partners to find community engagement opportunities, wherever they are located. The CCE also works directly with WSU Global faculty to develop service-learning courses (typically 8-10 per year) and supports nearly 500 Global students enrolled in those courses through regular Zoom, email, and phone communication. Additionally, CCE coordinates “Cougs Vote” and works closely with ASWSUG students to promote voting, registration, education, and turnout, benefitting all WSU Global students.

The CCE utilizes these S&A funds in the following ways:

  • Support and manage Global Campus students’ community engagement activities
  • Engage directly with Global Campus students
  • Directly Impact Global Campus students’ professional and personal development

Wellbeing Online, through University Recreation (UREC), has provided wellbeing programs and services to Global Campus students since 2012. In FY 21, Health Promotion joined UREC in the Wellbeing Online initiative and expanded services. Continuing into FY23, UREC and Health Promotion will collaboratively coordinate Wellbeing Online through a joint request to the WSU Online S&A Fee Committee. Continued funding will maintain and expand wellbeing programs to support the mental, physical, and emotional health of Global Campus students, ultimately enhancing quality of life and academic success.

Wellbeing Online offers the following mental and emotional wellbeing programs:

  • Mental Health First Aid, a nationally recognized certificate program.
  • Campus Connect, an evidence-based training to intervene with a suicidal person.
  • A text-based stress management program for more than 50 students.
  • Online mental wellbeing workshops and weekly 30-minute workshops (Real Talk Thursdays) where mental health professionals cover different wellness topics.
  • Maintained a Global Campus-specific version of Helping Students in Distress, a reference guide for faculty and staff to connect students who are struggling with support resources.
  • Recover support to Global Campus students through the WSU Collegiate Recovery Community. This support community will be available to any students in recovery from addiction, working toward recovery, or who are allies of those in recovery. Trained peer recovery coaches will lead weekly, online recovery meetings and host regular sober activities such as art nights.

In addition to the above-mentioned programs, Wellbeing Online will continue current programs with focus on increasing the number of students who utilize the Cyber Coug Gym Reimbursement program as well as online fitness classes, online outdoor clinics and esports activities. We would continue to enhance our website and online resources, such as Workout of the Week and Nutrition Tip of the Week, resources for families and stress management support. Additionally, we will work with students to expand participation in programs to support mental and emotional health, utilizing their feedback to ensure activities and services best serve Global Campus students.

Allocations by Organization

Data Studio report: Allocations by Organization

Allocations by Fiscal Year

Data Studio report: Allocations by Fiscal Year