WSU Global Campus Services & Activities Fee Application Process

Academic Year 2024-2025 Application Deadline
Friday, January 12, 2024

The Services and Activities (S&A) fee is collected from students, along with tuition, for the express purpose of funding student services and activities and are not for the direct support of academic programs. State law requires that if programs funded are devoted to political or economic philosophies, then a spectrum of ideas shall be presented.

The funds are distributed based on proposals submitted to the WSU Global Campus S&A Fee Committee (“Committee”). The Committee is comprised of primarily students, along with administrators and staff, who are responsible for deliberating the proposals and budget requests. After deliberation, the Committee recommends to the University President and the Board of Regents how the estimated S&A fee revenue shall be allocated for the following year. Criteria for awarding funds are:

  • Providing a student environment, which contributes to cultural and social growth for WSU Global Campus degree-seeking students.
  • Providing services/activities and facilities that are otherwise unavailable.
  • Ensuring a reasonable balance between events for WSU Global Campus students aimed at attracting the highest student attendance and events aimed at specific community and/or cultural events.
  • Ensuring the funding awarded to a group is made available, directed and marketed towards WSU Global Campus students.

1. Application Submission

To have a proposal considered for funding, eligible Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and departments have to complete and submit the S&A Fee Application and S&A Fee Budget Request Template. This is followed by the S&A Fee Hearings where a student representative presents the proposal to the Committee for consideration.

  1. Fill out the Global Campus S&A Fee Application (doc)
  2. Fill out the Global Campus S&A Budget Request Template (excel)
  3. Submit completed application materials via the WSU Global Campus S&A Fee Fund Request Form

Academic year 2024-2025 Proposals are due no later than Friday, January 12, 2024

2. Proposal Presentation

Presentations will take place during the S&A Fee Hearings via Zoom on January 24, 2024. The time slot preferences indicated on the fund request form will be used to try and make sure the presentations are scheduled at times that work best for the applicants. Once the schedule is finalized, invitations for the hearings will be sent.

The following are guidelines for the presentations:

  • It is REQUIRED that a current WSU Global Campus degree-seeking student present on behalf of your organization during the S&A Fee deliberations.
    • To make sure the funds allocated will benefit WSU Global Campus students, the group requesting funds will need to show student interest in the organization and demonstrate student involvement in decision-making throughout the organization. The Advisor, Director or other designee may answer questions on behalf of the organization following the initial student presentation.
  • The Advisor/Director, or their designee, must be present during their scheduled time at the hearings.
    • The advisor must be prepared to expand on the student’s presentation, if needed, and should be prepared to answer questions the committee may have related to their service and/or program.
  • Twenty (20) minutes, which includes Q&A, is allotted to each organization to present a proposal and field questions.
    • Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

If you have questions about this year’s S&A Fees process, please contact Aly Kincaid, Global Campus’s Director of Administrative Services at or (509) 335-6841.

The committee wishes you the best as you prepare your applications and looks forward to hearing from you at the hearings!