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2022-2023 ASWSU Global Leaders

We love to hear from students! Feel free to reach out to any of the leaders below with your questions and concerns.

Photo: Remy Plate.

Remy Plate

Remy’s bio

Photo: Christine Benjamin.

Christine Benjamin

Vice President
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Photo: Courtney Wilkinson.

Courtney Wilkinson

Director, Academic Affairs
Courtney’s bio

Photo: Noemi Yale.

Noemi Yale

Director, Communication and Compliance
Noemi’s bio

Photo: Vitor Moreira Da Silva.

Vitor Moreira Da Silva

Director of Diversity and Equity
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Photo: Amaris Cupples.

Amaris Cupples

Director of Events and Logistics
Amaris’ bio

Photo: Tanya Black.

Tanya Black

Director of Finance
Tanya’s bio

Photo: Alyssa Novelli.

Alyssa Novelli

Director of Legislative Affairs
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Photo: Joseph Braley.

Joseph Braley

Director of Promotions
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Photo: Andria Donnenwerth.

Andria Donnenwerth