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2019-2020 ASWSU Global Leaders

We love to hear from students! Feel free to reach out to any of the leaders below with your questions and concerns.

Executive Team

Photo: Morgan Atwood.

Morgan Atwood

Morgan’s bio

Photo: Kasey Broadbent.

Kasey Broadbent

Vice President
Kasey’s bio

Photo: Sheridan Ingalls.

Sheridan Ingalls

Director of Legislative Affairs
Sheridan’s bio

Photo: Brittany Gilman.

Brittany Gilman

Brittany’s bio

Photo: Katelyn Rinker.

Katelyn Rinker

Katelyn’s bio

Chairs and Managers

Photo: Kristi Maldonado.

Kristi Maldonado

Chair, Student Diversity & Equity Committee

Photo: Dominique Maxcy.

Dominique Maxcy

Chair, Judicial Committee (Chief Justice)
Dominique’s bio

Photo: Cynthia Ocegueda.

Cynthia Ocegueda

Chair, Student Resources Committee
Cynthia’s bio

Photo: Gina Vasquez.

Gina Vasquez

Chair, Student Involvement Committee
Gina’s bio


Photo: Skyler Vinsonhaler.

Skyler Vinsonhaler

Skyler’s bio


Photo: Angela Bonner.

Angela Bonner

Photo: Andria Donnenwerth.

Andria Donnenwerth