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2020-2021 ASWSU Global Leaders

We love to hear from students! Feel free to reach out to any of the leaders below with your questions and concerns.

Photo: Nolan Thomaswick.

Nolan Thomaswick

Nolan’s bio

Photo: Chelsea Rollins.

Chelsea Rollins

Vice President
Chelsea’s bio

Photo: Christopher Mims.

Chris Mims

Director, Academic Affairs
Chris’ bio

Photo: Amanda Westbrook.

Amanda Westbrook

Director, Communication and Compliance
Amanda’s bio

Photo: Federica Dennis.

Federica Dennis

Director of Diversity and Equity
Federica’s bio

Photo: Megan Oshiro.

Megan Oshiro

Director of Finance
Megan’s bio

Photo: Kellly Monro.

Kelly Monro

Director of Legislative Affairs
Kelly’s bio

Photo Elizabeth Wolcott.

Lizzy Wolcott

Director of Student Events and Programming
Lizzy’s bio


Photo: Andria Donnenwerth.

Andria Donnenwerth

Photo: Angela Bonner.

Angela Bonner