ASWSUG Constitution

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ASWSUG Constitution

We, the students of Washington State University Global, in order to create a productive and well-rounded student experience, initiate and coordinate student activities; specifically represent and advocate for the unique and particular interests, needs, and welfare of students in Washington State University’s Global Campus on issues affecting student life; and to supplement and enrich the formal education of these degree programs delivered at a distance, do affirm and establish this constitution.

  1. The name of this organization shall be “Associated Students of Washington State University Global,” herein called ASWSUG.

  1. All Service and Activities Fee paying undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at WSU Global shall be members of ASWSUG.
  2. Students upon completion, termination, or separation from WSU Global Campus forfeit all rights as ASWSUG Members.
  3. Notice of Non-discrimination:
    1. All programs and opportunities within ASWSUG shall abide by WSU Executive Policy 15.
    2. No student shall be denied participation or membership based on their membership in a protected class, as listed in WSU Executive Policy 15.

  1. ASWSUG is established under the authority granted by students enrolled at WSU Global.
  2. ASWSUG Executive Board, comprised of the Executives and Directors, is the sole representative governing body for the students of WSU Global.
  3. The ASWSUG Executive Board shall have the authority to self-govern and regulate affairs of the ASWSUG.
  4. The ASWSUG Executive Board shall exercise authorities and power of ASWSUG except the authorities and power this constitution enumerates to the ASWSUG President and Vice President.

  1. ASWSUG Officers must be members of ASWSUG, be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credits every semester during the regular academic year, S&A Fee paying students, and maintain a 2.5 GPA, both semester and cumulative. Officers shall not be on disciplinary action as defined by the Office of Student Conduct at any point during their term in office.
    1. If a student’s semester or cumulative GPA is under 2.5, this is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Section A: Overview

  1. Officer duties shall be set forth in the Bylaws.
  2. Officers shall hold office beginning the day after Commencement through Commencement the following year.

Section B: Executives

  1. The executives shall be the President and Vice President, selected by the hiring committee as outlined in the Bylaws.
  2. The Executives are responsible for jointly managing ASWSUG and representing the organization to administration and external parties.

Section C: Directors

  1. The Directors shall be responsible for specific initiatives, selected by the hiring committee as outlined in the Bylaws.
  2. The directors are responsible for promoting ASWSUG advocacy and programming efforts through various platforms.

Section D: Resource Allocation and Accountability Board

  1. The Resource Allocation and Accountability Board shall be internal regulators and shall be selected by the ASWSUG Board.
  2. The Resource Allocation and Accountability Board shall select their Chair and Vice Chair.
  3. The purpose of the Resource Allocation and Accountability (R.A.A.) Board is to uphold and interpret the ASWSUG Constitution and Bylaws by serving as a mediating body in the case of disputes with any ASWSUG member and to assist in determining of the allocation of Global Campus student Service and Activities (S&A) fees.
  4. The Resource Allocation and Accountability Board shall be responsible for keeping officers accountable to the ASWSUG Constitution and Bylaws.
  5. The Board will form/select from their members the student portion of the S&A Committee to serve during the S&A Fee allocation period in the Spring.

Section E: Removal and Resignation Process

  1. All officer removal and resignation process must be prescribed in the ASWSUG Bylaws.

Section F: Vacancies

  1. Should the office of the President become vacant the Vice President shall become the President.
  2. Should the office of the Vice President become vacant, the postion shall be selected via the executive board from within its board membership.
  3. Should a vacancy occur within the offices of President and Vice President simultaneously, the ASWSUG Executive Board may select within its membership or appoint students into the vacant positions as interim officers. The selection committee will then review applications for the positions and select permanent office holders within thirty-five (35) days. Temporarily appointed student officers may apply for these positions.
  4. Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the conditions set forth in the bylaws.

  1. ASWSUG use of funds must adhere to S&A Fee Spending Guidelines.
  2. The annual ASWSUG budget shall be recommended to and approved by the Executive Board before its required submission to the S&A Committee.
  3. The President shall hold authority over the ASWSUG Budget.
  4. A two-thirds vote is required to reallocate funds between line items within the ASWSUG Budget.

  1. The ASWSUG shall have standing, and Ad-hoc committees as outlined in the bylaws.
  2. Committee membership and responsibilities shall be determined in accordance with the conditions set forth in the bylaws.

  1. Amendments to this document shall be initiated by ASWSUG Executive Board action.
  2. Constitutional amendments must be advertised to the student body in various means.
  3. Students must be provided a mechanism to provide feedback on proposed amendments, which shall be open for at least two weeks.
  4. Amendments must be approved by a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of the seated Executive Board Officers at an ASWSUG Executive Board meeting.

  1. The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the recognized authority for procedure not discussed within the constitution and bylaws.

  1. The Bylaws shall be the lawful means by which the provisions of the Constitution shall be implemented.
  2. Bylaws shall be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the seated membership of the Executive Board and shall fortify this constitution.

  1. ASWSUG Executive Board Meetings must comply with the Open Public Meetings Act (RCW 42.30). No actions may be taken under this constitution or by the ASWSUG Bylaws that are in violation of State or Federal Laws.