Services & Activities (S&A) Fees

S&A fees are one component of the total tuition and fees that WSU Global Campus students pay. The fee revenue is used to fund nonacademic student activities, programs, and projects. The purpose of these services and activities is to enhance the student experience by funding student government, student organizations, entertainment, speakers, facilities, and recreation.

Annual S&A Fee Timeline

To align with the updated tuition setting timeline, the S&A Fee applications and hearings are earlier for the AY24-25 requests.

  • Fall: New committee member orientation and S&A fund request updates
  • Fall: Committee meets to conduct brief overview, review expectations, and determine schedule
  • January 2025: Funding requests are due from departments and organizations
  • January 2025: Hearings will be held for groups to present material to S&A committee for consideration via Zoom
  • January 2025: Deliberations will be held for S&A committee to decide S&A Fee rate and S&A Fee allocations via Zoom
  • Early February: Committee presents recommended fee and allocation of funds to University president
  • Early March: Board of Regents reviews S&A Committee recommendation and approves or rejects fee and allocation
  • May: Students recommended to University president for approval and the president approves committee members

S&A Fees FAQs

The funds are distributed based on proposals submitted to the WSU Global Campus S&A Fee Committee (“Committee”). The Committee is comprised of primarily students, along with administrators and staff, who are responsible for deliberating the proposals and budget requests. After deliberation, the Committee recommends to the University President and the Board of Regents how the estimated S&A fee revenue shall be allocated for the following year.

Criteria for awarding funds are:

  • Providing a student environment, which contributes to cultural and social growth for WSU Global Campus degree-seeking students.
  • Providing services/activities and facilities that are otherwise unavailable.
  • Ensuring a reasonable balance between events for WSU Global Campus students aimed at attracting the highest student attendance and events aimed at specific community and/or cultural events.
  • Ensuring the funding awarded to a group is made available, directed and marketed towards WSU Global Campus students.

Visit S&A Fees Impact for information on how Global Campus S&A fees are being used to enhance the student experience.

Any WSU Global Campus group, organization, or individual may request funds, but the purpose must be to support non-academic student activities and programs. Recognized student organizations (RSOs) should only pursue funding support through ASWSU Global except under special circumstances. Please review the WSU Global Campus Services & Activities Fee Application Process to learn how to submit a proposal. Contact Aly Kincaid,, if there are any questions.

Applicants are to submit all required materials as outlined in the WSU Global Campus Services & Activities Fee Application Process by the deadline provided on the site.