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Photo: Stefanie Armenta.
Stefanie Armenta

First-Gen Global Campus Cougs Share their Stories

First-generation college students make up a large percentage of the WSU Global Campus Student population, with 29% bearing this distinction.

“First-gen students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences, and many have faced significant challenges on their academic journeys,” said Global Campus Chancellor Dave Cillay. “All of these students have a unique story to tell.”

Stefanie Armenta, originally from Mexico, never thought that she would have the opportunity to improve her life through higher education.

“I migrated to the states when I was just a child. My parents got separated during the trip and my mother and I had to find shelter until my father was able to find us again,” she said. “After I became a citizen, I knew that I wanted to help others in similar situations. I felt in my heart that WSU Global Campus would be a great resource to help me achieve that goal.”

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“With my busy lifestyle, career and being a parent, I knew that going to school online was the only realistic option for me.”

Shaniqua Manning, Global Campus Graduate
Photo: Beth Freeman.
Beth Freeman

Beth Freeman

“The online format was flexible and perfect for my lifestyle, all while maintaining the high-quality learning experience WSU is known for. With everything going on in my work and family life, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to finish if it had not been through Global Campus. I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to be an online Coug, and I’m so excited to reach this milestone in my journey of lifelong learning…”| Read more from Beth Freeman

Photo: Mary Senter.
Mary Senter

Mary Senter

“My story begins like so many others. I started college after high school but couldn’t find my stride. I joined the military, started a family, and got busy with life. After many years of working in backbreaking construction and facility maintenance, I was working as a corrections officer at the county jail when I decided I finally needed to go back and finish my degree in order to get somewhere in this life. As a full-time worker and full-time single parent, attending school in a physical classroom was not an option for me…” | Read more from Mary Senter

Photo: Andrew Zander.
Andrew Zander

Andrew Zander

“Through WSU, not only was I able to earn a bachelor’s degree, I was able to gain a community of which I will always be a part. This is an aspect of higher education that WSU understands. Academics certainly come first, but there are also many other paths to gain enrichment—and that is what sets their online program apart from the rest. Being able to attend WSU not only set me up for success professionally, but it also helped me grow as an individual and become a better person. For that, I am forever grateful to be a WSU Alum…” | Read more from Andrew Zander