Program and Faculty Expansion

Graphic: Collage of photos illustrating WSU Global Campus faculty in action.

Expanding programs through dedicated online faculty

Global Campus provides high-quality degree programs taught by faculty from WSU’s physical campuses. Though this arrangement has successfully provided excellent instruction for online students for many years, it also makes scaling programs and adding new degree options difficult, as faculty must be available to teach both on-campus and online.

Hiring dedicated Global Campus instructors with a passion for and expertise in online learning will allow us to expand program selections and increase the reach and impact of our online Coug community.

How do we solve this problem? By recruiting highly qualified instructors to teach online full time—exclusively for WSU Global Campus.

Procuring faculty members who are well-versed in online instruction, are experts in their academic areas, and may live anywhere in the world, enables us to scale up the number of courses and programs in a targeted way. Giving to this initiative will not only allow us to hire these instructors, but also help us expand the selection of degree programs available at Global Campus, empowering students to achieve academic and career success in a wider variety of high-demand fields.

Do you want to make an impact in the lives of students by supporting this exciting initiative? Give to Global Campus’ Program and Faculty Expansion Fund today!