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Partner with Global Campus!

WSU Global Campus’ Development Team coordinates with the WSU Foundation’s Foundation Relations team to help foundations and organizations partner with WSU, faculty, staff, students, and our world-class research, innovation, and outreach programs. We can help you:

  • Identify WSU projects and programs aligned with your organization’s mission
  • Schedule meetings to introduce you to faculty experts with shared interests
  • Begin conversations about partnering with WSU
  • Inform your organization about WSU’s priorities and opportunities for developing innovations in education and outreach

WSU Global Campus seeks to strategically coordinate partnerships with grant-making foundations whose funding initiatives align with the University’s strengths in research, education, and outreach. We work closely with faculty and staff and can assist you in connecting with WSU faculty, staff, and students.

We’re here to help!

Learn more about how your foundation can work with WSU Global Campus by contacting Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships Kelly Newell or visit WSU’s main Foundation Relations webpage.