Extending Access

Graphic: Collage of photos illustrating diversity of WSU Global campus students.

Making life-changing learning accessible to all

One of the key advantages of online learning is the ability to reach students who may not otherwise be able to realize the benefits of higher education. At WSU Global Campus, it’s one of our top priorities to make life-changing higher education accessible for anyone, anywhere, no matter their background, location, or socio-economic situation.

Access to higher education is a life-changer. Making it available to people with wide and varied backgrounds and life experiences makes a real impact in our world.

Though WSU Global Campus specializes in creating access to higher education through the use of technology and innovative teaching, students often still struggle to cover the cost of their education.  By creating new scholarships, providing gap funding for students who have some college but no degree, and improving our service to disadvantaged students, we have the opportunity to significantly impact the quality of life of our students.

Don’t take our word for it! Learn more about the journeys of real Global Campus students whose lives have been impacted by access to online higher education.

Want to help people around the globe change their lives through higher education? Our Extending Access to Higher Education initiative provides two avenues for you to make an impact.

WSU Global Campus Scholarship Fund

This fund provides scholarships to students in need of financial assistance, thereby lowering the cost of attendance for traditional and non-traditional students. For traditional students, this fund can help bring the cost of attendance down by providing scholarships in select majors and across the curriculum. For many of our non-traditional students, financial aid resources are exhausted before graduating and they are forced to withdraw before completing their degree.

The gifts received in association with this fund will be used to bridge the gap in funding for students with critical financial need—with the goal of helping realize their dream of graduating.

Emergency Assistance Fund

This fund helps provide immediate relief for resource-limited Global Campus students. For many, an urgent and unexpected financial need can have a outsized impact on their journey to a degree. Providing options for students dealing with emergency financial need is a key safety net for impacted students.

The gifts received in association with this fund will be dedicated to students with emergency financial need, providing timely assistance to help them continue in school through adversity.

Global Campus Cougar Food Fund

Online students experience food insecurity just like those on physical campuses, but they don’t have access to on-campus food pantry locations.

Global Campus is committed to addressing food insecurity among its students. We launched our Global Campus Food Pantry Initiative in 2020, a crucial period coinciding with the health and economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since that time, we have been able to assist an average of 300 students per semester.

Each month, we disburse reimbursements for grocery expenses to eligible students. These students, facing financial hurdles and food insecurity, have found support through the Global Campus Food Pantry Initiative. Reimbursements, which typically total from $5000 to $10,000 per month, ensure that students have access to nutritious meals and can concentrate on their studies without the burden of hunger. 

Gifts received in association with this fund will be dedicated to students experiencing food insecurity, providing the sustenance to feed these hungry Cougs.